Morning Reads 9/28/12

There are many stories to start your day with, but none better than this. Even if you aren’t a fan of the Braves, you can’t deny the importance of Mr. Jones.

Georgia Politicians going solar; let us hope they don’t mean to fly us into the sun. As an aside, this article uses “bandwagon” and “Jonny-come-lately.” Is this the thirties? (I could only hope.)

Dillon, Lane & Gandolfini are coming to Savannah. No, that’s not a law firm.

A school stop fight prompts one local city to increase security at school stops.

A Warner Robins man will be on Family Feud next Tuesday.

Atlanta is getting a new animation studio. Honestly, they could just watch Charlie’s face when he get’s stuck in traffic for an hour; he’s very animated. Uses colourful metaphors, too.

Basically, Georgia Health Sciences University ate Augusta. Like a shark devouring a shrimp. Who didn’t see this coming?

Savannah State gets pulled into a discrimination lawsuit.

One South Georgia community uses emails to keep residents aware about local crime.

Strange death at South Georgia Tech.

Oh, some consider this important: everyone, except deranged folks that live north of here, think Mama Dooley’s baby boy is getting his tail whipped tomorrow.

A Houston County group wants everyone to know that folks down there are packin’ heat.

And here is a little music for your Friday morning.


  1. Wait a minute. So all of the Public Service Commissionsers are pushing for more solar except for Stan Wise? Didn’t they pay attention to Stan’s testimony before Congress that Georgia doesn’t have enough sun to support solar? 😉

    Perhaps it’s time to replace Stan with newer technology…

  2. Engineer says:

    Chipper has been such an important part of the team for so long, that the Braves just aren’t going to be the same without him. Perhaps they can look into keeping him around as a hitting coach.
    Who knows, maybe he’ll follow in Bobby Cox’s footsteps and go from 3rd baseman to a future manager? Either way, he isn’t done just yet. Let’s see what happens in the playoffs. 🙂

    • SallyForth says:

      +1 I’m SUCH a homer! I’ll be there tonight in that sold-out crowd, paying tribute to one of the best to ever play the game. I’ve even dragged out my “World Champs!” t-shirt, Oct. 29, 1995 AJC front page, to wear. Who knew then that Chipper would stay a Brave his whole career, in today’s professional sports world? He’s loyal to us, we’re loyal to him.

      Every time Ozzy’s “All Aboard! ha ha ha ha hah..!” cranks up is going to be bittersweet, one of the limited times left for us to see Chipper’s walk-up and his routine. Special.

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