Morning Reads for Thursday, Sept 27

Mornin’, kiddos.

It’s not my best work, but I’ve collected some articles for your morning reading pleasure.  Actually, I’ve been collecting the articles since about 5:15.  I’m sitting at the breakfast table as The BF does work-work.  Dueling laptops;  a pot of coffee;  side commentary with a smart guy.  Sigh – I’ve got it bad.  I’ll try to pull it together for future posts.  p.s.  I now have a perma-date to political functions.  TYJ that he has absolutely no political aspirations – he’ll be in the back of the room with a beer in hand at all events.






  1. Stefan says:

    That title “Conservatives try again to lower health care costs” is entirely misleading. That’s not on you Bridg, that’s the Banner-Herald’s work, I know. What they are advocating there in both unconstitutional and, as we have seen in Texas, will not lower health care costs. All it will do is insulate people who hire negligent employees who botch operations. And when that happens, they will have even less of an incentive to make sure they are being safe.

  2. Scott65 says:

    I wonder how much the annual federal subsidy is for providing air service from Macon to Atlanta…seems like a better idea to put that towards rail service between the 2 cities…who would want to fly from Macon to ATL anyhow?

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