Regarding Monday Night Football: N. F. L.

A Georgia Related Response to Monday’s game.  And, OPEN THREAD:

H/T To Lee Weber for the find.


  1. Harry says:

    Green Bay got a really bad call – no question. Let’s hope the same doesn’t happen to the Falcons while these guys are filling in. Some are saying they actually like the unbiased officiating, even allowing for the ineptness. There is the belief that certain regular refs have favored certain name players and teams with their calls.

    • SallyForth says:

      Ever since that miserable January 2011 night at the GA Dome when cheeseheads infested our ranks and threw beer on Falcons’ fans, with the refs making bad calls that anointed Rogers and the Pack, I am always for whoever is playing against Green Bay. I’ve been a season ticket holder since the old Fulton County Stadium days, and traveled to away games at stadiums from Green Bay to Dallas, New Orleans, Miami, etc. I’ve never seen such cheesy no-class fans and flagrantly biased officiating as that night (which Rogers & Co. rode all the way to the Super Bowl).

      So if they got a poor play call and lost last night, GOOD! At least it wasn’t in the play-offs like what the regular refs did to us in G/B’s favor, January 2011. Count me among the football fans who is actually liking the unbiased refs this year; they even go to the rule book for tough calls (imagine that).

  2. John Konop says:

    I love watching football, but beyound the bad calls the games are too long now via the officiating. The NFL better fix the problem or it may hurt rattings……

  3. saltycracker says:

    Seattle/Green Bay – watched it, saw the reruns, was for Seattle, but that call could not have been an honest mistake.

  4. Rick Day says:

    OK I want to know why you guys didn’t alert me as to the importance of “Confidence Points” during week 1 and 2.

    By the time I figured it out, I was playing catch up this week. Note also while I didn’t ‘beat the spread’ in a few games, I did pick the winners at 12-4, and came in a solid 2nd place, behind robberbaron, who stumbled into the 3 big upsets (KC, NYG, Minn) and the minor one (Washington losing) with mad points for the week.

    Still, with a 23-23 record, sans confidence points, I’m tailing the leader by 2 picks.

    It’s a nice distraction for the upcoming challenges in the coming year.

  5. Three Jack says:

    Aaron Rodgers summed it up best after the game saying something like, ‘if you only score 12 pts. and leave yourself vulnerable at the end of a game, this is what happens.’ The refs suck, but the Packers sucked just as bad and ended up getting exactly what they deserved, a loss.

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