Morning Reads for Tuesday, September 25th

In a reverse,

today’s Morning Reads start with Georgia first:

  • Cumming won’t quench Forsyth County’s thirst, (PublicBroadcastingAtlanta)
  • CNN video on Pine Street Market tells the tale of the wurst, (CNN-Eatocracy)
  • Paul Deen outtakes controversial because she dropped something and cursed? (NewYorkPost),
  • In rhetorical gambits Paul Broun is well-versed (Flagpole-Aued)
  • but this one would produce real world hurts, (
  • The last 92 songs before Dave converts (DAVE-FM)
  • I’m with you guys, but it’s not like we’re living in yurts, (SaportaReport)
  • Galloway’s jolt: something may be missing from Lynard Skynard concerts
  • and, among NASCAR voters, well Mitt if you’re not first*…(AJC-PoliticalInsider)
  • Charlie Harper in Savannah’s paper? He’s the new Hearst! (SavannahMorningNews)
  • Mitt Romney thinks airline windows should roll down, (LATIMES)
  • Clinton’s press aide and a reporter through email exchange more colorful frowns (Buzzfeed)
  • Paul Ryan’s journey from low staffer to wonk about town (TheNewRepublic)
  • On reverse engineering of the brain, Paul Allen hopes to expound (Forbes)
  • By not doing what he loved, Steve Jobs was crowned (FastCompany)
  • Through Q-infinity and beyond, Fed hopes jobs will rebound (CognitiveConcord)
  • Visiting the scenes of Annie Hall 36 later, and what was found (ScoutingNY)

8 AM Update:

  • I would have been glad to freely impart this information,
  • but MARTA spends way too much on workers compensation (AJC)
  • Jean shorts wearing inhabitant of Northern suburb has everyone scared,
  • oh, its a different type of Gator? Probably should still beware. (AJC)
  • And in case you become concerned about your office’s absenteeists,
  • you should be aware this week contains an important day for monotheists. (Wikipedia)

* you are, in fact, last.


    • Stefan says:

      First, Maggie Gyllenhaal does nothing wrong, ever.
      Second, that article begins by bashing Hollywood as ultra-liberal as then expressing surprise that the movie got made? Why, they made Titanic, that doesn’t mean they hate ships. Hollywood isn’t really a bastion of any particular thing other than social liberalism (which is associated with liberalism, but not necessarily Unions). There are lots of different issue stances within that which is considered the American left, but romantic ones about individuality and kids being set free to learn under the tutelage of young, poorly paid but enthusiastic believers? That’s totally Hollywood.

      If you had told me that Hollywood was doing a feature length film about dispelling myths about charter schools and explaining how the mean is calculated, then yeah, I’d be flabbergasted.

      • School reform is a bi-partisan issue. The guy who produced “An Inconvenient Truth” produced “Waiting For Superman.”

        BTW, if you haven’t seen “Waiting For Superman” please do. Everyone should watch it before voting on the amendment this November.

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