Today’s Charter Amendment Opponent Misinformation: “Vote No To State Controlled Schools”

Here’s yet another school system using their taxpayer funded website for political advocacy. This time it’s Towns County schools in NE Georgia. You taxpayers up there may want to let them know you don’t appreciate your tax dollars being used for political advocacy.

The caption says “Vote SMART ! NO to State-Controlled Schools!” This is yet another half-truth from charter amendment opponents. State commissioned charter schools are not run by the State of Georgia, they are run by a Board set up to run the charter school. The State Board of Education and the State Department of Education will provide oversight and assistance to State commissioned charter schools just as they do for every other public school in the entire State of Georgia.


    • Andre says:

      The difference, I think, is that no one has ever called the school boards out on electioneering.

      I personally have a big issue with government actively campaigning for or against a ballot referendum.

      Individual elected officials can support or oppose a referendum, but when those same elected officials make it the official policy of the government to support or oppose something, that’s just not right.

      It’s using taxpayers’ dollars to support or oppose something that taxpayers may be for or against.

      • girl with a gun says:

        I agree. It’s alot like politicians campaigning for the T-SPLOST.
        We are supposed to tell them how we feel about a vote, not them telling us.

  1. joe says:


    How mant times have you posted about opponents misinformation?

    How many times have you posted about why the state can do it better?

    I am reminded that when you don’t have a message of your own, attack the opponent’s messenger.

  2. Engineer says:

    To be honest, smaller county school systems are scared for their lives, so-to-speak, regarding the charter amendment (Towns, and Early Counties are in no way highly populated and both have populations below 12,000 residents). They are worried about the state taking away money from already strained school systems. Another talking point I’ve read a lot in local newspapers in South Georgia is in regards to how this amendment takes away “local control”. Who know, it may very well, pass statewide, but I think you (you being plural) are going to continue to have a hard sell for folks in rural parts of the state.

  3. oldman45 says:

    Run by a Board appointed by the State…hmmm…a bunch of bureaucrats in Atlanta…all political appointees…sounds a whole lot like the State to me! Vote NO on Amendment #1!

  4. debbie0040 says:

    Again, Buzz you did not have an issue with tax-payer money being used to promote T-SPLOST and did not go all out to expose it. Do you only have an issue with it when it goes against an issue you are trying to promote?

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