Morning Reads For Monday September 24, 2012

Here In Georgia
– U.S. House Speaker John Boehner to campaign for Lee Anderson on October 15th.
– Congressman Tom Graves’ office in Dalton was burglarized.
– Mayor Reed, Partisan Attack Dog
– The attorney for Sen. Chip Rogers denies allegations the Senator double dipped.
– An overview of the SD 30 special election.
– Republican Jan Jones and Democrat Alicia Thomas Morgan say the proposed charter school amendment is true bi-partisan reform.
– Rep. Christian Coomer will be Governor Deal’s newest House Floor Leader. Coomer replaces Doug Collins who you will recall is running for Congress.
– Quinn Keevon Heckstall, the 20-year-old nephew of state Rep. Joe Heckstall (D-East Point) was shot and killed over the weekend. We extend our prayers and sympathies to Rep. Heckstall and his family.

Around The Nation And Globe
– The Romney campaign is fighting off the perception it’s in chaos.
– The Obama White House is fighting off the perception it misled us in the aftermath of the murder of the Libyan Ambassador.
– RCP Nationwide Average: Obama 48.3%, Romney 44.6%
– RPC listing of various State polls.
– The Purple Poll of twelve key States that will decide the 2012 Presidential election.
– If your Obama yard sign is getting destroyed don’t blame the Republicans, blame the deer.

Among The People
This guy says AT&T screwed up by not letting him see the box for his new iPhone 5 being opened, and it ruined everything!
– The Ghost of the 2011 collapse is about to be exorcised as the Braves magic number is 2.
– The Falcons spanked the Bolts to improve to 3-0.
– Brandt Snedeker won the Tour Championship, the FedEx Cup, and $11.44 million in East Lake yesterday.
– Apparently there was an awards ceremony in Hollywood last night.
– Speaking of Hollywood, the box office results were kind of light. Trouble With The Curve, which was filmed in Atlanta, sits at #3.


  1. Andre says:

    Kasim Reed may play a partisan attack dog on national television, but how does that get him anywhere here in Georgia?

    Reed’s Meet the (de)press appearances are simply racking up videotape footage for his opponents to use against him in the next election.

    In fact, some could argue that Kasim Reed’s national aspirations are causing him to lose touch with the voters back home. After all, Reed supported a T-SPLOST referendum that went down in flames. He’s pledged to veto a panhandling ordinance that passed the Atlanta City Council; an ordinance that is widely recognized as needed to put a stop to aggressive panhandlers. And we won’t even start on the college students who remain targets of crime in Kasim Reed’s Atlanta.

    The point is Kasim Reed is stuck.

    He can’t run for Governor. He’d lose. He can’t run for U.S. Senate. He’d lose. So where does this new national exposure get him except maybe a plum post in the Obama Administration that, at best, lasts four years.

    • Trey A. says:

      “He can’t run for Governor. He’d lose. He can’t run for U.S. Senate. He’d lose.”

      True for 2014 versus Deal and Saxby, but 2016 versus Isakson may be a different story. By 2018, the state may be completely different (and Mayor Reed will still be in his 40s). Did you catch Chris’s post about Georgia trending purple? The Dems are catching up. I’m genrally a fan of our GOP senators, but the past two governors, the lt. governor and the the General Assembly are doing their best to convince Georgia voters to make things more purple sooner.

      • Andre says:

        With all due respect, Johnny Isakson is darn near unbeatable.

        Amongst Georgia’s two U.S. Senators, Isakson has always been the more popular one.

        There’s something about Saxby that is a bit swarmy. Johnny, however . . .

        . . . Well Johnny has universal appeal.

        In regards to the looming Democrat comeback in Georgia, the Democrats have no strong leader to rein in all the warring factions within the party.

        Black Democrats are riled up over seats on the Democratic National Committee, which is understandable, considering that black voters make up more than 55% of the Dems’ primary electorate in Georgia but only have one elected DNC member from this state.

        Rural Democrats feel ignored and overlooked by Atlanta Democrats. Conservative Democrats feel ignored, overlooked, and disrespected by liberal Democrats.

        And now we have outside groups like Better Georgia popping up and encroaching on what was formerly the Democrats’ turf.

        Meanwhile, as the factions duke it out between each other, the carcass that was once the Democratic Party of Georgia continues to decay. The bench is thin. There is no leadership; no leader to bring the party together.

        The Democrats in this state are so disorganized that they’d likely foul up a pitchfork lynch mob. Democrats in Georgia are so disorganized, they’d leave the pitchforks at home, then spend several days arguing over who was responsible for bringing the pitchforks.

        To make a long comment short, the Democrats may catch up in demographics, but I think the Republicans are smarter.

        The newness of being in the majority has just about worn off. You guys know of what I speak.

        It’s that same feeling of empowerment a teenager gets when they receive their first paycheck.

        After years of asking mommy and daddy for money, the teen has money to spend as they please; and those first couple of paychecks are wasted on foolish things. But then, as the newness of being a wage-earner wears off, the teen becomes more responsible with the money and ends up spending wisely.

        After 130 years of being in the minority, being in the majority is like that first paycheck. Some dumb decisions are bound to be made, but Republicans are smart and we’ve reached the point where I think the GOP is poised to become more responsible and steer Georgia on the right course.

        • wicker says:

          “After 130 years of being in the minority”

          Sorry. That is about to run out. At best, it might get you one more election cycle. And if the Democrats can find a strong candidate, it may not even get you that. You guys need to get this figured out, and soon. And hearing the sounds from the Deal administration and the Georgia House and Senate leadership, it doesn’t look like they are going to change a thing until they are forced to.

    • drjay says:

      he could run for the lewis seat at some point, if he were inclined…also even a couple of years in a high profile spot in this admin would lead to others…those guys tend to cycle in and out, and usually have nice money making opportunities in between…probably close to half of obama’s cabinet were also in the clinton administration…

    • wicker says:

      “In fact, some could argue that Kasim Reed’s national aspirations are causing him to lose touch with the voters back home.”

      Which voters? Georgia voters? Of course. But they don’t like him already. Atlanta voters? Not a chance.

      “After all, Reed supported a T-SPLOST referendum that went down in flames.”

      A Republican referendum.

      “He’s pledged to veto a panhandling ordinance that passed the Atlanta City Council; an ordinance that is widely recognized as needed to put a stop to aggressive panhandlers.”

      He is putting forward his own panhandling plan this afternoon, which will pass.

      “And we won’t even start on the college students who remain targets of crime in Kasim Reed’s Atlanta.”

      Why don’t you start, by naming things that you believe should be done that aren’t being done?

      “The point is Kasim Reed is stuck.”

      And how does keeping his mouth shut change things?

      Put it this way. Which do you think would be better for the city of Atlanta? An Obama administration? Or a Romney one? A Romney administration would be great for Cobb and Gwinnett, but Atlanta would totally be ignored. Meanwhile, a second Obama administration would mean a ton of cash for Atlanta’s transportation and other projects.

      Also, Obama is a Democrat. Reed is a Democrat. Since when is supporting the national ticket an illegitimate enterprise? He doesn’t need any ulterior motives like wanting a Cabinet appointment or something like that. Wouldn’t it be nice if Georgia had some GOPers equally capable of being an effective advocate for Romney? Well, had your fellow travelers elected Karen Handel, she’d be on Meet The Press too. But since you guys elected Deal, the Romney campaign for obvious reasons decided to pass, and instead that spotlight goes to people that are actually popular, successful, charismatic and respected like Nikki Haley and Bobby Jindal.

      Campaigning for the national ticket doesn’t cost Reed anything, doesn’t hurt him in any way (as the GOPers and the suburbanites are going to despise him regardless, as T-SPLOST and the Mary Norwood race proved) and could pay off big dividends if Obama actually wins. Why not do it?

      • caroline says:

        I beg to differ on Haley. Her record on UE rivals (9.6 UE in SC) Deal and her approval rating is only 37.5% in the latest poll I could find. Only 60% of Republicans in SC approve of her and she probably will have primary opposition if she decides to run for reelection.

  2. SallyForth says:

    Okay, now I have a bone to pick with President Obama. The United Nations is convening in NYC, bringing representatives and diplomats from nations all over the world to us. It has traditionally been a convenient, perfect time for POTUS to sit down for face-to-face meetings, particularly nations with which we might have special needs at any given time. Even incumbent GWB took time to meet individually with leaders of several different countries at this same point in his 2004 campaign for re-election. These individual meetings have always been in addition to the general “welcome to our country” to the full meeting hall.

    As the U.N. gathered this weekend, Obama has refused to meet with any individual nations, even rejecting a request for a one-on-one by Netanyahu concerning Israel’s current tenuous situation. Instead POTUS chose to go chat with the women on “The View” tomorrow, carrying them a cute basket of goodies as he walks onto the set. Really, Mr. President?!

    While the whole Middle Eastern, Northern African, and Indonesian nations are rioting, burning and killing in protests of America? While insider Afhani’s are killing our troops in Afghanistan? POTUS doesn’t see the need for some face time with any of the diplomats from that part of the world? He thinks it’s more important to go on TV with BaBah WaWah and her buds? REALLY?!!

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