Fulton County Elections Director Resigns Under Pressure

In what amounts to quick justice in government, after big problems on election day with Fulton’s returns, Sam Westmoreland has resigned from his port as the Director of Elections of Fulton County.

Even if the reason he actually resigned was an arrest for violating the terms of his probation. In a letter written from jail that perhaps doesn’t quite measure up to this one, Westmoreland said:

“After much reflection,” Westmoreland’s letter says, “I believe it is in the department’s best interest to have a leader that enjoys the full support of this board as we move forward toward this important general election.”

and the response:

Board Chairman Roderick Edmond, speaking at a news conference after the meeting, said the board lost confidence in Westmoreland about three or four weeks ago. Under the terms of the vote, should he rescind his resignation, he will be immediately fired. He will not retain health or retirement benefits*, nor will he receive severance pay, Edmond said.

Above from the AJC.


*That would probably be an ERISA or COBRA violation, but I am sure nobody will care.