Romney Leads Georgia By 21?

A new Insider Advantage poll says Governor Romney leads President Obama 56-35 here in Georgia. It’s no surprise Romney leads, even comfortably, but am I the only one who thinks 21 points is a bit too much?

Anyway another question in the poll shows even less support for Obama:

Another question asked Georgia voters who they’d rather have dinner with. Some 41 percent said Romney, while only 5 percent said President Obama.



    • Daddy Got A Gun says:

      ….. after lecturing us about how bitter and despicable we are for clinging to our guns, religion, Constitution, and Liberty.

      McAmnesty got 52.2% of the vote the last time and he hated Conservatives. Romney will show how bad McAmnesty was as a candidate. I’m predicting the Romney breaks 60%

  1. chamblee54 says:

    If WMR is buying, I would rather eat with him.
    Today’s blog post is a history of the original Tea Party, among other things. The pictures are from the GSU library. One is from 1944, and shows the plan for developing the downtown area. The original plan was for an “elevated highway” to go over the railroad tracks just north of the Capitol.

  2. GAPolitico says:

    I believe This poll is flawed – though I haven’t see the crosstabs yet.

    First, lets throw out that there are at least 30% Black population and, I would estimate, 30% who identify as Democrats/Progressives/etc.

    If only 5% said they wanted to have dinner with Obama, that would mean every white person said no, every Latino said no, and almost every Black person said no. I’m not buying it. And the same goes with the 7% number who picked Obama over Romney in the economy question.

    Also, most polls of Georgia have been closer. Some have been 3-5%, some have been 10-12%, but none have been anywhere near 20%. They should release the cross tabs.

    • I think 5% is rather low as well. I would think there are a number of people who may disagree with Obama’s policies, but would still have dinner with him. I don’t know about most people, but I’d have dinner with any President, given the chance, no matter what their policies are. I would think the conversation would certainly be interesting.

  3. Bill Dawers says:

    Romney will almost certainly win Georgia, but these numbers are ridiculous. I don’t see crosstabs anywhere and I don’t see anything at all about this on the Insider Advantage website.

  4. Jane says:

    Not a valid poll, probably the same pollsters who said tsplost will win. I am waiting for a John Garst to do a poll.

  5. Howard Roark says:

    I am still laughing over some fools in the past saying that Georgia was in play. I expect RR to be around 60%.

    Also the 47/5 numbers were from the question about who could better manage the economy according to Fox 5 news.

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