Voting under way: Who’s voting?

First voter stats:

Almost 60,000 Georgians have requested an absentee ballot for the November Presidential election. State records show that a whopping 20 ballots have actually been cast as of yesterday. They’re just coming in now…

(I bet those 20 voters are also the kids who sat on the front row in math class).

Who are the voters who have already requested absentee ballots?  Here’s a couple demographic and behavioral statistics about them:

13,107 of these voters are black (22.3%), 41,540 are white (70.6%);

23% of these voters voted in the 2008 Democratic Presidential Preference, and 25% voted in the Republican Presidential Preference in 2008. We chose the 2008 Presidential primary to match against because both Republicans and Democrats had large, competitive primaries that year (unlike 2012).

How does this compare to 2008 at this point?  I don’t think it’s a fair comparison.  We had 45 days of Early Voting in 2008. This year Early Voting doesn’t start for a few more weeks. Absentee ballot voting is the only option today, and I believe that likely skews the comparison.

–Thanks to Mike Seigle for the research


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    What with the rampant impersonation fraud at the polls, it was necessary that Georgia enact a voter ID requirement. And since there had never been any reported cases of absentee voter fraud before the 1,500 votes in Brooks County a couple a years ago, it was only natural that that same law loosen absentee ballot requirments.

    Not! The stats in the post are indicative of the reason absentee ballot requirements were loosened.

    • Harry says:

      Absentee voting is rife with potential for fraud, no doubt about that. O wonder how many Alzheimer’s victims and dead people are absentee voting? The Democrats objected when in another state, the GOP tried to rid the voter rolls of dead people. It’s not nice to cheat.

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