Former Douglas County Officials Indicted

11 Alive News/WXIA breaks the news:

Douglas County District Attorney David McDade says Former Douglasville mayor Mickey Thompson and county commissioner Freddie Ashmon were both indicted by a grand jury.

Former mayor Thompson was indicted on 91 counts of theft by taking. McDade says Thompson billed the city for meetings he didn’t attend; he also billed the county for phone meetings, ribbon cutting and other events for which he was not present.

And Ashmon was indicted for one county of first degree forgery for “altering an earnings statement in a child support case.”

Note: Elected officials billing taxpayers for work and expenses when they weren’t present to do the work they said they did. And in Douglas County, that gets an indictment.

Yo! Paul Howard! Danny Porter!  You might want to give David McDade a call and ask him how to handle this.


  1. Romegaguy says:

    David McDade prosecutes people that arent under age have consensual sex with a girl a year younger than them while smoking pot? Who knew?

  2. alfie30328 says:

    How about looking into the Columbia County mess where it looks like quite a few in the executive (Governor Deal and Lt. Governor Cagle) and legislative (Speaker Ralston and Senate Majority Leader Rogers) branches managed to get political contibutions on a sordid public housing scam by an out of state development company?

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