Ralph Reed – Social Conservatives’ Technologist

The AJC’s Daniel Malloy has a detailed overview of Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition and his involvement with this year’s Presidential election.  Reed, operating out of Duluth Georgia, is targeting social conservatives to mobilize turnout via technology:

Then his foot soldiers handed out voter guides at evangelical churches. Now they already know the tendencies of most of the worshippers inside.

Reed has taken data from consumer marketers and the Republican National Committee, mixed with his own files from the George W. Bush campaigns — when Reed helped Bush court social conservatives — and the Christian Coalition. FFC narrowed its efforts primarily to voters in presidential swing states. It will contact each of them between seven and 12 times – a text message, a call, an email, a postcard, a knock on the door.

When early voting begins in each swing state, FFC’s targeted voters will each get a text message telling them to vote, and the message links to a map for smartphone users showing them where their early voting site is.

It’s a detailed and lengthly read, but one that provides good insight into how Social Conservatives are using modern tech to identify voters and get them to the polls.  Who says Republicans hate science?



  1. Harry says:

    As Johnnie Cash said, “I’ve been everywhere”. My travels in the swing states have given me some insight into the demographic nuances, and the Ralph Reed targeted approach will be effective. The unions use the same techniques to capture likely Democratic voters – and they have lots more money to spend.

    Say what you like about Ralph Reed, he’s no dummy.

    • Scott65 says:

      I pretty much despise RR, but I give him kudos for his skills. He is an organizational genius. He is also driving a big wedge in the Republican party though…religious conservatism doesn’t always fit so nicely with limited government conservatism, and wielding the power of getting out the vote makes the party go more in a religious direction than many are comfortable with

  2. drjay says:

    not just the unions, the left in general seems to handle the “new media” better than the right, move on.org sends out emails and has contact lists that are quite extensive, also didn’t obama use twitter rather extensively in 08, glad to see someone on the right trying to catch up a littel on this front…

        • Harry says:

          Just wanted to make it clear. How would it make you feel if I wrote about an atheist vote drive – “wielding the power of getting out the vote makes the party go more in a atheist direction than many are comfortable with”

          • Calypso says:

            Harry, not speaking for anyone but me, a fiscal conservative, I think the Republican party would be better served if they loosed themselves from the yoke of religious zealots. I consider Reed to be one, as well as those for whom he ostensibly speaks. The party needs to decide if they want to be the party of fiscal conservatism or the party of religious conservatism.

            I’m saying this with the hope that the fiscally minded Republicans can take back and make the party stronger.

            • Harry says:

              Do you think that Democrats would be better off deciding to be either the party of social liberalism or fiscal conservatism? Perhaps they would be, but here’s the thing: if there are historically and culturally two political parties in the US, then a significant amount of coalition building and marrying of coalitions is required. Believe it or not, something like 85% of people in the US consider themselves Christian. Now maybe a minority of those believe they can compartmentalize their life into “religious” and “political” cubbyholes, but I guarantee you the large majority don’t. Does that mean the GOP needs to cater to wackos and terrorists? No – but it does need to put forth an agenda that appeals to and motivates the majority of the base that is openly religious. It may include advocating against abortion and homosexuality, and for public prayer and the Ten Commandments being displayed in courthouses.

              • Calypso says:

                If your plan to bolster the Republican party is what you’re hanging your hat on, then the R’s will be remembered as the party that had 100% market share of buggy whips.

  3. IndyInjun says:

    Reed pimped out the Baptists for the Choctaw. How much did he get? $6 million?

    My Bible says “Thou shalt not Steal” and “Thou shalt not Covet…” Looks like the “social conservatives” have very selective reads on what commandments they should hold dear. How can you explain Georgia being in the hands of social conservatives who seem to be robbing the people blind?

    I am a fiscal conservative and I am tired of seeing moronic, misguided folks of both parties destroy our country while thumping Bibles or thumping Obamney’s ACA.

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