John Barrow wants you to know he is against Wasteful Federal Spending

This time in the form of a bi-partisan bill which calls on the General Services Administration to not just buy 1,000 Ford Crown Victorias whenever the mood strikes*

“This bipartisan bill will cut the wasteful spending that folks are tired of in Washington,” said Congressman Barrow. “Spending hard-earned taxpayer money on more vehicles the federal government could do without is irresponsible. We have to find places to cut spending, and this is a step in the right direction.”

The federal government owns more than 700,000 vehicles, and costs to operate and maintain them is nearly $4 billion each year. Since 2006, the federal government has added over 20,000 vehicles to its fleet, and the maintenance and operating costs have gone up 5.4 percent. Reducing the budget for the federal vehicle fleet by 20 percent will save the federal government, at minimum, $500 million, savings that could be used for deficit reduction.

And with that, John Barrow has made these guys sad.

*The Ford Crown Vic is no longer produced. It has been replaced by the Ford Taurus, much to the chagrin of everyone who thinks their ability to spot Crown Vics on the road gives them license to speed.

Youtube proof is here!




  1. alfie30328 says:

    When dissing John Barrow, we should remember his Republican opponent Lee Anderson. Lee Anderson will be a one man highlight reel for the Daily Show, the Colbert Report as well as ‘normal’ news organizations.

    I just think punting in 2012 and getting a better candidate to oppose representative Barrrow may be the better option.

  2. alfie30328 says:

    Lee Anderson the Republican nominee in the 12th supported TSPLOST, is knee deep in the profits for Georgia Power due to cost over runs at Plant Voglte, didn’t know the phrase ‘The Fed’ is used t refer to the Federal Reserve (during an earlier debate) and has repeatedly ducked debates during the run off and now with John Barrow.

    Candidate Lee Anderson is defining the newer generation of Republicans, the tax and spend Republican.

  3. Doug Deal says:

    Well John Barrow is a Harvard Law grad-gee-ate. What does he know about low rent cars made by Ford?

    $500 Million in debt reduction. Just 500 million more of these bills and we might get somewhere.

    Just to put it in perspective, $500 million is half of $1 billion, and is 1/2000 of $1 trillion, which is about 1/32,000 of our national debt, not including unfunded liabilities, and would fund the US Government for about an hour.

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