A Tempest in a Souvenir Cup

Fans of Georgia State University football (The premier football team in Georgia, btw) may have noticed something…odd about some of the merchandise on offer at recent games.

Specifically the souvenir cups. This year’s photo features a packed Georgia Dome with some interesting color schemes in the stands. Red and blue shirts dominate with some bright orange as well. Closer inspection reveals the the photo used for the 2012 GSU Panthers season cups comes from the 2011 Boise State vs. Georgia game.

It appears the decision to use that came from Levy Restaurants who run concessions at the Dome and seemingly have no idea what the major sports teams are in Georgia.  A spokesperson for the GSU athletics department says I received the cup “in error” and sent along this statement from Levy Restaurants:

Looks like an old case from a past game may have found its way into the concessions stand. It is not our intention to serve these cups at GSU games and we will have our staff inspect the stands to ensure none of these are still outstanding. We currently have and have been using GSU souvenir cups for all games this season.

This will require your intrepid correspondent to conduct further research into Coke Zero’s thirst quenching properties at Saturday’s game against the Richmond Spiders. All is well that sips well, I suppose.

N.B.: Considering how poorly this season is shaping up, maybe its best if we use another team to promote the Panthers. YMMV on that.  


  1. Calypso says:

    “Fans of Georgia State University football…” I’m glad to see you can now use th plural of that word.

    “…no idea what the major sports teams are in Georgia…” Ah, I see the problem.

  2. Baker says:

    Pretty sure I’m the only PP reader who is a Univ of Richmond grad, go Spidas! I hope GSU destroys everyone in all their other games, but this weekend I’ll go for the Arachnids.

  3. Ken says:

    When I first heard about this, I was concerned that Ed might jump off on an aspirin or something. I’m glad he has taken his school’s seriously embarrassing incident in his usual good humor.

    My alternate theory is that those people in the stands are Georgia State fans – disguised, ashamed Panther fans. Just a thought.

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