Chip Rogers Questioned Over Reimbursements

Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers is coming under similar scrutiny as his peer, Rules Chairman Don Balfour, who just agreed to pay a $5,000 ethics fine and faces a GBI investigation into questionable expense reimbursements.  Rogers received reimbursements for the same dollar amounts at roughly the same time from both taxpayers and from his campaign accounts, according to Atlanta Unfiltered editor Jim Walls.

Rogers submitted invoices to the Legislative Fiscal Office in April and May for $6,688 in printing and mailing costs. His campaign committee reported paying identical amounts to the same vendors on approximately the same dates that are printed on those invoices.

The Legislature also reimbursed Rogers in 2003 and 2005 for three payments totaling $1,471 for costs that appear to have been paid by his campaign committee, records show.

Rogers remains Majority Leader and a member of the Committee On Assignments which has allowed Balfour to remain as Rules Chair despite knowing that Balfour had not formed an audit subcommittee as required by Georgia law.  The subcommittee is charged with reviewing the expense reimbursement requests from legislators though it was only formed after Balfour agreed to his fine.

Rogers has been contacted via email for a comment as well as to inquire as to the status of the additional information promised to Walls as clarification.  We’ll add his response when/if it arrives.


  1. Matt Stout says:

    Isnt it not true that many of our legislators keep the content of their newsletters within the genre of a legislative update, pay for it with their official legislator piggy bank, and then subsidize it by going over to their campaign account to get even more money to make the mailer larger etc.

    My understanding is that is ethical and above reproach, as long as it doesn’t say “vote for me,” or anything about an election etc., and it just provides legislative information, and a description of the sitting legislators duties.

    Typically they split the mailer 50% -50% and that would explain the numbers showing up identical for both campaign reporting and Legislative Fiscal Office.

    Show me the mailer, and let’s discuss whether or not it was a legislative report.

  2. CCFRG says:

    Let’s see how Debbie and the Tea Party will act.

    Chip Rogers has played fast and loose with money that is not his for a long time, senate reimbursements, caucus trust money, bank loans and the list goes on and on.

    Time for him to resign as Majority Leader.

  3. Bob Loblaw says:

    This is an “if-then” for you folks…

    IF Winner Will parlayed his state funds with his campaign message for a mailer that is found unlawful, then you Anti-Balfour folks are dealing with one helluva difference to deal with. Actually, a difference of about 1800% when it comes to the dollar amount. So if $5,000 is a slap on the wrist, then Winner Will better go undefeated in both college and pro this weekend, because an equal fine would be over $90k.

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