Did they forget this is the Dirty Dirty?

The ATL was deemed by Travel & Leisure magazine to be the fifth dirtiest city in America. 

The Sun Belt city moved four spots closer to the Most Dirty prize this year, and ranked next-to-last for feeling safe. Atlanta is trying to get rid of one unsightly presence—cigarette butts—by banning smoking in parks, with fines of up to $1,000. Readers otherwise liked the city’sgenteel shopping and the unapologetically messy barbecue.

New York City is ranked number one, and seeing as how we’ve continued to improve in the standings I’d say next year we capture the coveted crown of dirtiest city in the States. Combine that with a “feels least safe” title and hoo-boy, we’ve got a quality city if ever there was one.


  1. Max Power says:

    I have a kid who goes to school in #19 Phoenix and the first thing I noticed when we went out there was how clean it was compared to Atlanta. Let’s face it, Atlanta’s kind of a dump, homeless campsites all over downtown, trash, that puddle on the sidewalk that’s there no matter how long it’s been since it’s rained. Yeah dump.

  2. Daddy Got A Gun says:

    So funny. Atlanta is worse than Filthydelphia, where I born and raised. You have to be a special kind of trashy and crime-ridden to beat Philly.

    • Ken says:

      Well, yeah but Dooly County beats Atlanta to pieces in BBQ, too. 🙂

      (And has Georgia state titles among many other titles to show it.)

    • Ken says:

      I did look at Savannah’s rankings and they were impressive. Did you notice that the locals rated themselves lower than visitors? I think they underestimate themselves.

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