Remembering Otis Brumby

I still haven’t had time to properly address the passing of Marietta’s Otis Brumby.  We posted the notice of his passing on Saturday, but a man that lived the purposeful life as Brumby did deserves some ink on how he lived.  After reading Jim Galloway’s column on him from yesterday, I know I can’t do any better.

Please read Galloway’s column and for those who wish, share a memory or two.

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  1. Spacey G says:

    Never met the man, but boy did he inspire all kinds of feelings in all kinds of people. I’ve seen/read hundreds (it seems) of comments and remembrances about Brumby since he died that run the gamut from him having been holier than the baby Jesus to that of him having been the most awful, petty, racist tyrant in a five county range. Talk about mixed messages in the digital age!

    One thing stands out in all that e-flotsam and jetsam — dude sure didn’t let life pass idly by.

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