Morning Reads for Thursday, Sept 6

Good morning.  Raise your mouse if your Facebook and Twitter feeds are completely obnoxious with political posts at this point.  Oh, what’s that?  It’s gonna get worse?  And the brilliant one-liner commentary of “dummycrats” and “Bainman and Ryan” is going to be peppered with and somehow tied to all things football?  Awesome – I can’t wait.


  • Opponents of Charter Amendments Accuse Supporters of Bullying.  Anyone else ever write alternate titles in their head? “Life Lesson on School Bullying:  Suck it up, emo kids, because it never really goes away.”
  • He said, She Said.  Fact checkers correct claims made at DNC.
  • In Macon, if your house sits empty without utilities for more than 60 days, you have to register it.
  • In Savannah, City Council violates public meeting law.  (IMO, this one gets filed under “Teacher, you forgot to take up homework.”  Who complains about something like this?  The Council needed to quickly come together and assess a situation.)
  • In Augusta, SOS results certified Tuesday put the Anderson 159 votes ahead of Rick Allen.  Allen wants a recount.
  • What?  There’s a musicians’ union?  The ASO and its 93 musicians haggle over a collective bargaining agreement.  Fun fact from article:  The average compensation of the musicians is $131,000, including free health and dental coverage, free instrument insurance, pension benefits and eight weeks of paid vacation.




  1. caroline says:

    George Will said he didn’t know how Obama was going to top Bill Clinton’s speech last night. Interesting thought anyway.

    • John Konop says:

      As you know I am not a Bill Clinton fan. And last night I was channel flipping between the football game and the convention via commercials. I caught the Clinton speech and it was an amazing speech. I could debate points he brought up, but with that said, he is the best I have ever seen at this………..He hit it out of the park.

      • Harry says:

        I read the speech…his statements were misleading or spun. They don’t refer to him as Slick Willie for nothing. I will do further analysis and provide documentation when time is available. For one thing, Clinton never ran a surplus when one takes into account the raid on the social security trust fund. The national debt increased every year under Clinton.

        • John Konop says:


          I am not debating the substance, I am just saying it was a great performance. As you know I have been very critical about some of his economic policies………But with that said, it was a great speech performance. You have to see it to get my point.

          • Harry says:

            Oh yes, I have great respect for his abilities. After all, the guy made $20 million in one year from speeches.

          • Harry says:

            The Annenberg Center is holding themselves out as a “fact checker”? Ha, give me a break.

            On the overall philosophical drive of the speech, it’s clear that Clinton and Obama have a basic worldview that is a different world from the conservatives/libertarians. Clinton/Obama believe in the goodness and workability of centralized, top-down solutions to everything. Conservatives believe in bottom-up, decentralized systems.

          • peachstealth says:

            $447 billion for one million jobs is $447 thousand per job. 40% of that , $178,800 would be borrowed money. I think I’m glad it was blocked.
            Now if he’d just OK’d the Keystone XL it would have produced around 50,000 jobs and cost the government nothing.

      • caroline says:

        Well he is the most popular politician alive today. His skill is distilling issues into easily digestible information. for voters. Not too many politicians have that skill.

    • SallyForth says:

      @caroline and John, right on! The Big Dog was truly on his game last night and made every true Southern Democrat proud. Bill Clinton was the greatest President of my adult life, those 8 years the best for our country in every way (in spite of Republicans besmirching him with an unhealthy interest in his sex life). It’s too bad we cannot re-elect him at this time when taming our national debt is so crucial!

  2. xdog says:

    “A woman who was suffering from depression is believed to have fed herself to the crocodiles at a popular tourist attraction in Thailand.”

    Now that’s depressed.

  3. D_in_ATL says:

    That’s a pretty solid collection of bitter and angry Morning Reads…something you saw last night must have got you all worked up.

  4. AMB says:

    I was referring more to the lawyer’s quote that no honest developer can make a living in Gwinnett. So more to come perhaps?

  5. saltycracker says:

    While agreeing with the idea of charter schools and the poor direction of public schools I suspect when the supporters win for education the funding pendelum will be swung too far from equilibrium. The probable result will be the public school children will suffer as administrators will resist change to their bureaucracy.
    We going to need some rational lawmakers on the playground that can build a good fulcrum to balance. In these times of loading sides on the seesaw, it might be impossible.

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