The Continuing Story Of A Quack Who’s Gone To The Dogs

AJC: Gwinnett bribery probe not over, filing shows

Former Gwinnett County Commissioner Shirley Lasseter’s son has provided information on three targets of an ongoing federal corruption investigation – including at least person one who tried to buy Lasseter’s vote, a court motion filed Monday says.

While cooperating with investigators, John Fanning, Lasseter’s son, recorded a series of meetings with at least one person in which they discussed the sale of Lasseter’s vote on a matter the person believed to be pending before the Board of Commissioners, the motion says. The person ultimately provided $3,000 to Fanning in exchange for Fanning’s assurance that Lasseter would vote favorably on the pending legislation.

Fanning has provided federal investigators with information “on at least two other targets of the FBI’s corruption investigation,” the filing says.

As Drudge would say, developing….


  1. Charlie says:

    …and developing.

    The AJC’s Bill Rankin (@AJCCourts) just tweeted that Developer Mark Gary has been charged with trying to bribe Commissioner Lassiter with $30,000 to get a vote in favor of a waste transfer station.

    • rrrrr says:

      Since this was Mom’s result below …
      He just wants the adjoining cell/open field and prime time Florida space is filling up fast for the season…

      Ol Shirl’s tuff love

      “The facility will be a “camp” setting without walls, where inmates are commonly allowed to leave during the day and return at night, said U.S. Department of Justice spokesman John Horn.”

      “Johnson said the closest appropriate facility is in Marianna, Fla., about 65 miles west of Tallahassee.”

      WOW… Day Trippin’ to Disney! The beach!

      “She will be in custody for all 33 months, as there is no parole in the federal system. She will remain free on bond for the next four to six weeks until she’s notified by federal prison officials.”

      With this facility, WHO would NEED parole?

      The cold pizza will be HARD time…

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