Gravley to Replace Hembree

Word just in to Peach Pundit that Micah Gravley has been selected to replace State Rep. Bill Hembree, (R-Winston) on the ballot for the November election, once Rep. Hembree resigns to run for State Senate.

Gravley is the Statewide Grassroots Director for the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, a longtime activist and volunteer in Republican politics in Georgia, particularly in Paulding County, though he and his family now live in Douglasville. Gravley will face Leigh Mcmutry in the general election.


  1. Josh McKoon says:

    Micah is a man of integrity who will serve with great distinction. Kudos to the State GOP for making him our nominee!

  2. Thadius says:

    Gravely is a good man…
    I’ve known him for several years and believe he will serve his constituents well.
    Congrats Micah!

  3. CadeThacker says:

    Maybe I’m missing something here. Do the Republican Primary voters not get a voice here? Do the Republican Primary folks not get a voice for another 2 years?

    I guess it is a timing issue but still….just saying…a bunch of GOP insiders appointing somebody without the voters having a say seems to rub me the wrong way. I’d be peeved if this was my State Rep.

    • Timing was the issue. It was either the GAGOP Executive Committee appoint someone to run in Bill Hembree’s place or default the election to the Democrat Leigh McMutry. As a member of the Executive Committee, I would have preferred to have a special election for the voters of H-67, but it was not an option. We did hear from a multitude of people via phone and email, especially from Douglas County.

      • Calypso says:

        By all accounts it sounds like you made a good choice, Lawton. Good going.

        Perhaps now that you have this item checked off your list you can cheer louder and harder for your football team. By the way, Duke and GT have the same numbers in their record so far this season, that is both have a one and a zero in them, just not in the same order. 😉 Go Duke.

        Yeah, yeah, I said so far. That won’t last long, I’m afraid… 🙁

  4. Napoleon says:

    You made a great choice Lawton. I have known Micah since he worked for Congressman Bob Barr. Micah is also the type of activist who would spend hours of his personal time helping GOP candidates.

  5. John Walraven says:

    A true conservative who understands where the rubber meets the road when laws enter the judicial system.

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