Say Hello To Your Newest PAC In Georgia

A new Political Action Committee is coming on the scene to promote conservatives under the Gold Dome as well as getting conservatives elected in order to serve there too.  The “Georgia Needs Action Today” Political Action Committee (GNAT PAC) is coming online and recently filed with the Commission formerly known as the State Ethics Commission.  Their goal is to promote conservative legislation that tends to get covered up and die in committee.  Says Jacob Hawkins, chairman of GNAT PAC:

“There are a wide variety of issues that need to be addressed immediately. Our great state is moving in the right direction, but we cannot continue to hesitate when real education or tax reform is brought up. Too often we see good bills die in committee because elected officials are not listening to the grassroots. We want to help project that voice and make sure that it is being heard.”

So far, the new PAC has endorsed Republican candidates Trey Kelley for the 16th House seat and Hunter Hill for the 6th Senate seat.  For more information about GNAT PAC and how they will be “swarming support around conservatives” (their slogan, I promise), visit their website.


      • Dem in the Burbs says:

        Not so much nit-picking as much as saying that a PAC is entirely different than an independent committee. A PAC makes contributions to candidates; an independent committee makes expenditures in support of candidates (independent of the candidate). They are fundamentally different. My point is merely that hopefully the person who started the committee knows what they are doing, because there are huge pitfalls otherwise.

        • Dem in the Burbs says:

          And, there are different requirements in the Ethics in Government Act regarding registering with the Ethics Commission (Georgia Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission) and filing disclosure reports for PACs and Independent Committees.

  1. Calypso says:

    Is the GNAT Pac made up of only people south of Macon?

    Like ‘conservative’ issues are not being addressed in the legislature now…

  2. benevolus says:

    Fer cryin’ out loud, how much more conservative can we get!
    We’ve already got the lowest taxes, the stiffest immigration law, the toughest voter ID law, referendums for every dang thing, guns everywhere, all the suburbs opting out of Grady and public transportation, tort reform …
    What do they want, the chip-implant bill? Secession? Separate but equal? Even ALEC’s website doesn’t have much that we don’t already try to do here.

  3. greencracker says:

    Their logo shows a little banner floating over Georgia roughly at … well … the gnat line.

    If they’re concentrating south of that, joke’s on them. Nobody down there anymore. Relative to ATL anyway.

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