Labor Day Open Thread

In celebration of Labor Day we here at Peach Pundit have scheduled a general strike. Or something.

There won’t be a column from me today.  It’s one of five weekdays a year the Courier Herald doesn’t publish, so I’m not either.  So there.

The rest of the week I’ll focus on Democrats in Georgia, as I’m not in Charlotte and won’t even begin to pretend “insider” status for that meeting.  But much conversation in Tampa last week centered around the Democratic Party in Georgia and what it would take for them to win or Republicans to lose.  As such, when Aaron Gould Sheinin called me during my drive home to ask about that topic, I rattled off much of what I had discussed with numerous people last week.  Those comments made it here, then here, and eventually here.  (If you want to talk about that, please use Bill’s post instead of discussing the same topic across two threads.  After all, you’re going to get to repeat yourself across three or four more later this week.)

I’m going to post some of my pics from Tampa later.  Otherwise, hope you’re having a good holiday too.



  1. gcp says:

    The Gainesville Times and Atlanta Bus. Chronicle reported last week the state begin construction of an 11 million dollar park on Lake Lanier. With all the other parks on Lake Lanier do we really need to spend 11 million on another one? The park was proposed in 2002 and the bonds were floated in 2010 but with all the financial problems in this state why was this project not cancelled in 2010?

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    You may not have insider status, but I’m certain you’ll be the recipient of insider information, or misinformation as the case may be.

    • caroline says:

      I for one would be very surprised if anything came of this from the feds. If there is something, I hope they go for it because we don’t need anymore corruption in state government than we already have but since the evidence out there is kind of thin, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  3. xdog says:

    I’d like to say how much I appreciate Paul Ryan’s early recognition of the force and power of labor in this country when he blamed the closing of the Janesville GM plant on insufficient government intervention and not on the usual goper targets of featherbedding comsymp unions.

  4. I Miss the 90s says:

    Protesting Labor Day?

    You know what I should be on board. My income is almost entirely capital gains based

    Why should I have to pay women and minorities the same as white men? Why should I have to pay out minimum wages and be denied child laborers?

    Every business I am invested in should be run as a sweat shop and I should be allowed to pay my employees in rent and tokens for the company grocery.

    Do you people not understand how much your lives have been transformed by labor unions?

    If you are in the middle class today it is in large part because of labor union’s past. They are what allowed your great-grandparents to earn enough to allow your grandparents to go to school. They are why we are not like the sweatshop based China and other third world countries.

    In case you have forgotten, that is how pluralism works. It is rare that the middle.class.and blue collar America receive recognition by government. You people do not have enough money on your own to buy a congressman. Collectively you do. You know…as a union organized around an occupational class.

    Do you like jobs being sent overseas? Guess what? The GOP is not on your side. They went so far as to give tax breaks to companies going through the transitions costs of sending American jobs elsewhere. Look it up.

    • Harry says:

      My information is, both parties in Congress were culpable in legislating those tax breaks to which you refer.

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