Barrow Goes Hexagonal on Anderson!

Barrow is up with a new ad (his second) and he has “Some Things” he thinks you should know. No information about the buy, but a guy who works for him in some capacity passed this along:

“I’m one of the most independent members of Congress,” said Congressman Barrow.  “My voting record proves that I’ve never been a rubber stamp for any party, or any President, and I never will be.  Lee Anderson has adopted a partisan plan to cut Social Security and Medicare, forcing seniors to pay thousands more in health care costs that they can’t afford.  Unfortunately, Lee is just another politician who can’t be trusted to stand up for folks in this district.”

ad after the jump.



Not sure why Barrow’s points are orange and Anderson’s are red & black – seems like a bad idea but otherwise – good ad.

Oh, and from AJC’s Molloy comes this quote from Anderson:

Anderson, who has sometimes struggled in debate and forum settings, declined to debate Allen during the runoff. Asked whether he would debate Barrow, he replied: “We’ll be looking at situations where maybe we could possibly have some debates, yeah.”

That is possibly the weakest sentence ever spoken in English.

I. Cannot. Wait.


  1. Stefan says:

    Oh, and some initial details on the debate format have been released. They will approach each other from the middle of adjoining fields, alternating answers to questions posed by cows until one of them reaches the fence, which the winner will then lean upon casually.

    Winner gets a tractor.

    • Calypso says:

      And it will be an electric fence.

      Oh, and Anderson would lose a debate against himself. I’ve yet to hear that man string together two intelligible sentences, let alone two intellectual sentences. I don’t know where he keeps the more marbles, in his head or in his mouth.

      • Please don’t judge a person based on their ability to speak. This is personal to me. If you have had an actual conversation with me, you know that I usually struggle speaking one on one. I’ve got a country twang. I mumble because my brain works faster than my mouth, especially when I am nervous. Some see my difficulties in speaking as a liability, but I see it as an opportunity. I spend more time listening and observing and less time talking.

        I sometimes say that God has a sense of humor, as he called me to preach and to be a servant leader in the community and in the Republican Party. Some people, including at least one doctor, thought I was mentally challenged when I was little, because I wouldn’t speak. My parents knew I was alright when I dumped a puzzle onto the floor age 2 and started putting the pieces together. I should mention that the pieces were upside down with just the back showing. Actions speak louder than words. I want somebody that is going to do more than talk. I want a person that will look me in my eyes and give me a promise that he will keep. The people that have worked with Lee have all told me that Lee is a honest man who works hard and always keeps his promises. His actions speak more volumes than he could ever speak.

        • Calypso says:

          Lawton, I apologize that I touched a personal nerve with my comments. I was directing them to what I perceived to be the crux of Stefan’s post, that being the possibility of a debate between these two, and how Anderson would fare in such a venue.

          From what I’ve seen, Anderson would be well served to avoid a debate and craft his message in other ways. I admit, I went too far in my ‘marbles’ comment. I don’t know Anderson personally and anything I’ve mentioned has been from ads and media I’ve seen.

          You and I have had some fun back-and-forths here. I’m sorry if my comments were inappropriate or hurtful to you.–Calypso

            • Blake says:

              It is a non-negotiable job requirement for a candidate/elected official to be able to speak well. He may be a fine man, but in that case his political role ought to be chief of staff/adviser/staffer/whatever. If the front man can’t talk, he’s not qualified.

    • Stefan –

      I’d love for you to travel from the Atlanta area down to GA-12 and let me take you around the District that I was born in, raised in, educated in, and that I work in. I will show you hard working Americans that are struggling with unemployment due to the closures of plants and businesses throughout the District. I will show you the empty storefronts.

      I will take you to the farmers that work from before dawn to after dusk. I will take you to Lee Anderson and let you shake his hand, a hand that is calloused from working hard in the field since he was a young boy. You will also see the dark tan of his skin and the lines in his face from working outside for so many years. I will also introduce you to people in GA-12 that do their talking with hard work and honest living, and not just speaking elegant words. I will take you to where Lee Anderson farms and show you the tractor he drives. It isn’t a campaign symbol, it is Lee Anderson.

      • IndyInjun says:

        It is a charade. You only talk to Lee’s supporters.

        “Lee is an honest man who works hard and always keeps his promises”

        Wow. He isn’t a career politician?

        Lee blasts Pelosi and Reid for not reading bills, but he never has read one. I know him and I know that he cannot comprehend legislation.

        You are a good man, Lawton, but trying to sell this candidate is not going to end up positive for you or the GOP however this election turns out.

        I speak from personal experience.

      • Stefan says:

        1. I appreciate the invitation and will happily take you up on it.

        2. His response to whether he will debate above is not a result of an inability to speak but an unwillingness to be straightforward.

      • John Vestal says:

        Lawton, it kinda sucks for you that youre’ probably too young to have played youth sports at the old rec department fields during tobacco season….when the aroma of cured tobacco filled the air coming from the Brannen warehouses across the street on Zetterower.

        ONLY way to enjoy the stuff, iyam. 😉

  2. ricstewart says:

    I got a call earlier this week from an Indiana-based call center polling me about GA-12. One of the questions was, “which candidate is best described by the phrase “competent and capable: John Barrow or Lee Anderson?”
    After I reluctantly answered (punctuated with a groan), she said “if it makes you feel better, I usually get a lot of laughter when I get to that question.”

  3. “Unfortunately, Lee is just another politician who can’t be trusted to stand up for folks in this district.”

    How about Barrow actually standing for anything? How about some leadership from Barrow to help save Counties that are declining rapidly, such as Jenkins and Screven? How about the debates that Barrow skipped against McKinney and Regina Thomas? How about Barrow voting NO on Healthcare Reform AFTER it had already passed? If he was so against it, then why did he not have an answer of YES or NO before the vote was taken when constituents contacted his office?

    Independent means voting with Obama 85% of the time and Pelosi over 90% of the time? Why can’t he just tell the truth and state that he is a Democrat? At least Anderson has the guts to put his stance out there.

    It is this kind of duplicity from John Barrow that people are sick of.

    • IndyInjun says:

      What about Lee’s duplicity to his constituents? Have you ever looked at his VOTING RECORD? Most of the folks on this site implored Lee and the legislature to look at the facts before voting for the Georgia Power Bill. I called him. Clark Howard was blasting it.

      I invite you to look into who in his family was working for Southern Company at the time.

      How do you explain the TSPLOST vote?

      Are you for TSPLOST, Lawton?

    • ricstewart says:

      You got that right.
      I’m not a fan of Anderson, but I’ll take him over Barrow any day. I don’t think Anderson is particularly bright and I disagree with a lot of his positions, but at least he has a position on most things. Having a congressman without a spine since 2005 has been extremely frustrating. Barrow changes his phony accent depending on which part of the district he’s speaking in.
      For Barrow to try to position himself as a moderate is not only disingenuous, it gives real moderates a bad name. There’s a difference between being a moderate and being spineless. There are many principled moderates I like and respect. Barrow is not one of them.

      • IndyInjun says:

        Can’t argue with that. Barrow voted for stimulus and NDAA. We conservatives wanted him out.

        However, this is POLITICS. We can probably force Barrow even more our direction. He is articulate. He is gaining seniority. The Dems are no threat to take over the House. He DOES read legislation.

        Lee can probably hibernate and win this election, sheerly from the antiObama hysteria.

        Look what the GOP will have bought. A guy who voted for the biggest tax increase in Georgia history. A guy who voted for astronomical power rate increases against protests of conservatives. A guy who ran ads blasting Allen for donating to a Dem, when he himself WAS a dem. A guy who took subsidies and even a buy-out. A guy who cannot read or comprehend legislation. A guy who cannot speak intelligibly. This is what the GOP has come to!

        Oh, this is going to be good, very, very good. We real conservatives will sit back munching popcorn while the GOP goes down in an absolute flood of much deserved ridicule.

        Go ahead. Elect Lee. Make our day.

        Maybe adults will assert themselves and get Barrow to deal. I am betting on an Anderson win and more fun than a hay ride.

  4. Andre says:

    To quote fictional President Andrew Shepherd, “We’ve had Presidents who were beloved who couldn’t find a coherent sentence with two hands and a flashlight.”

    We’ve also had slick Senators with oratory skills that could sell an igloo to an eskimo who were among the most disliked public figures in American history.

    Frankly, I’m not interested in a smooth talking politician with polished public speaking skills. We’ve got enough of that already. Find me a public servant that can do the job their constituents elected them to do.

    To hell with their debating skills, or lack thereof.

    • IndyInjun says:

      Andre – This guy voted for the Georgia Power Bill and TSPLOST.

      I agree. Actions speak louder than words.

      Barrow is the more conservative candidate.

    • Stefan says:

      This post has gone outside the scope, but I will ask you to elucidate briefly.

      On Presidents: Name one.

      On senators: Again, name one.

      Smooth talking politicians: Oh, I see what you are attempting to do here. weak, Andre, weak.

      • Andre says:

        On Senators: John Edwards — No one will discount his oratory skills. Likewise, no one will doubt me when I say that Johnny Reid Edwards is one of the most disliked public figures in America today.

        On Presidents: Historians regard Thomas Jefferson as one of the worst public speakers to have served as President. George W. Bush, in a July 4, 2008 speech at Monticello, said Jefferson was, in fact, a man who “hated public speaking.”

        Still, his poor oratory skills notwithstanding, Thomas Jefferson is regarded as one of our country’s greatest statesmen.

        As I said before, I’m not interested in a smooth talking politician with polished public speaking skills. We’ve got enough of that already.

        To quote the Big Guy, it’s about your work, not words; and your record, not rhetoric.

        This post, deriding state Representative Lee Anderson’s oratory skills, is nothing but words and rhetoric.

        • Stefan says:

          Edwards fall from grace came long after he was a Senator, and I don’t think Jefferson makes a compelling example.

          And this statement,”This post, deriding state Representative Lee Anderson’s oratory skills, is nothing but words and rhetoric”, is patently ridiculous. I will rewrite it for you.

          “This post, which mentioned Lee Anderson’s obfuscatory statement on debating, is nothing but words and video.”

          AND I fixed your comma splice.

          I resent your charge that I was making fun of Lee Anderson’s ability to speak. However, I do think that public speaking, like hard work and honesty, are prerequisites for the job of Representative.

          • Harry says:

            I guess you don’t approve those Democrats who are deficient at public speaking? I can name a few right here in the state of Georgia.

            • IndyInjun says:

              Harry, Lee Anderson is the stealth weapon we who dream of reforming the GOP have always dreamed of. He is going to get you all laughed out of ever being taken seriously again. Lawton’s missive about calloused hands can be said of an illegal Mexican and one of them would make as good a representative, although one with nowhere near the entertainment factor.

              • What exactly has caused such a strong dislike of Lee Anderson? Is it personal or is it based on his voting record? Lee has always been upfront about the TSPLOST vote and never backtracked once on his stance. I personally like honesty, even when they are not on the same side. I honestly and sincerely don’t know where Barrow stands on anything.

                You know where I was going with the calloused hands. It means that he has personally experienced hard work, which many people and voters can relate to.

                • IndyInjun says:

                  His voting record stinks, as mentioned in previous posts. When I had specific questions about key bills, he referred me to lobbyists. He does not have a clue. I was also a pretty sizable contributor and I have known him for about 30 years. He is the weakest candidate for a Congressional seat that I have ever seen. I indeed think that the Obama revulsion will put him in office and that every one of you who supported him are going to find out about him just like I did. Can you live this down, ever?

                  Personal? After he took my money and then ignored me to vote against my interests and those of most Georgians, I have zero use for this guy.

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