Video Of Georgia During Delegate Roll Call

Georgia cast 72 of it’s 76 delegates for Mitt Romney, 3 for Ron Paul and 1 delegate remains undecided. See for yourself.


  1. Charlie says:

    I just interviewed Catherine Bernard for the Dublin paper. She was one of Georgia’s 3 delegates for Paul. Will work up a full story later. Key point for this readership is that she was very complementary of Sue Everhart’s work today, and looks forward to both the rest of the convention and future Republican activities. Thus, not bitter, moving forward, still plans to be a Republican, and thinks the GA delegation did what it needed to do today. She represents the Paul faction well.

    • dsean says:

      Catherine is a friend of mine from college and is awesome. She can be followed on Twitter @lapetiteradical. I know she’s concerned about the RNC rules changes that seem to be aimed at preventing grassroots movements, so I hope your story will at least touch on those developments.

    • Joshua Morris says:

      I look forward to the story and to finding out how these folks defend awarding delegates to a candidate when the voters, in this Nation’s only democratic process, did not. It seems to me that they clearly oppose the voice of the People.

  2. Jimmie says:

    is there another video of Sue announcing? Apparently when she said RP delegate count someone muted the mic the first go around. Secretary asked her to repeat it. I recall this happening numerous times to Dr. Paul during the Primary. Good to see the fun never stops! 🙂

    • Engineer says:

      Squelching out mentions of the opposition and making changes to nomination rules at the last minute are moves that only causes hurt feelings and in this case, potentially the loss of 5-10% of the vote in an election that is likely to come down to less than 5% difference in votes.

      • TheEiger says:

        Sorry brother. You mean 1-2 percent of the vote right. You guys are the biggest sore losers I have ever seen. You quote the Constitution and talk about Democracy yet you don’t like it when democracy says your guy lost. Take your ball and go home if you want, but the others in the party will continue to work to kick Obama out.

        • seenbetrdayz says:

          The GOP is on life support and you guys are still worried about what other people do with their balls.

          • Calypso says:

            “you guys are still worried about what other people do with their balls.”

            Hasn’t the GOP been concerned about just that for quite some time? 😉

        • Engineer says:

          I see somebody didn’t notice that at least 10.9% of the popular vote went to Paul, then when you add in the large number of voters on the independent or democrat side that favored him but may not have wanted to or been able to vote in the Republican primary based on ethical or legal reasons (remember, not all primaries are open primaries like they are here), then it isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Plus, I think you miss the big point, when you look at Obama vs Romney on the REAL issues, they are almost one in the same.

          Same liberal voting history, same policies on gun control, Romneycare was the basis for Obamacare, and so on and so on…

      • Harry says:

        If the Paulistas want to make change then they should support our party candidates and seek to promote good reform ideas from within rather than turning up every four years and creating a ruckus. 90% of success is just showing up. Paulistas should seek coalition with the tea party caucus. Why not? You don’t agree with the tea party on everything? So what? For example, we can all agree that a basic national defense is needed, but the basic need has been used to greatly overextend government power. Let’s not let our opponents use small differences to divide us.

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