The Convention Finally Begins


The 2012 Republican National Convention has now begun for real this time.

As Charlie posted earlier today, there may be a floor fight this afternoon over a proposed change to the Party Rules. Why the Romney folks would decide to have this fight is beyond me, but this is what often happens at Conventions: useless fights over things that don’t really matter.

The picture above the view from my seat. There are a few other bloggers and press people here in my section as the convention begins. Not a bad view of the stage and the convention floor.

A number of Governors will speak today, capped off by Ann Romney and NJ Governor Chris Christie’s keynote speech tonight.

I’ll be posting some photos in my flickr account so check in from time to time.


    • saltycracker says:

      optical delusion ? Tampa is pretty proud of USF and find swamp people uncivilized. 🙂

      Lots of empty seats there…….

      • Charlie says:

        It’s the boring stuff (save for the floor fight that wasn’t). Most are still at side events. Prime time will be full. Trust me, this city is crowded. It also is quite the police state. I think we’re referring to the arena and convention center as the green zone.

  1. Noway says:

    Liked Anne’s speech. Loved Christie’s! There’s your next nominee. Dynamic, no BS kind of guy but we already knew that. Wish he’d lose some significant weight. I’m worries a heart attack will creep up and snag him. Hell, his A1C numbers are probably lower than mine!!! LOL!

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