Morning Reads For Monday August 27th 2012

Greetings from Tampa, center of the Republican universe for the week. I stayed up way to late last night so Morning Reads will be a little light this morning.

Hurricane Isaac spared Tampa and the projected path is moving west. Louisiana is now where it is expected to make landfall.

Some gas stations have been accused of price gouging people fleeing the storm.

Since today’s RNC Convention events were cancelled, it’s movie day here at the hotel. I have no idea what’s on the schedule.

Former Florida and estwhile Republican Governor Charlie endorsed President Obama for reelection. While driving down yesterday I saw Crist’s smiling face on a billboard advertising Morgan and Morgan. I guess it all makes sense since Morgan and Morgan is for the people.

There were protestors on hand yesterday down here in Tampa and one of them was arrested with a machete. Apparently the protestors are bragging they will have 5000 people here today. I’ll believe it when I see it. Security is tight at the convention arenas however.

I’ll be checking in later today and throughout the week with convention related news, so I’ll see y’all then. Have a great day and consider this an open thread.


  1. Noway says:

    Crist is a congenital liar. He sat there on Meet the Press and lied his ass off saying he wouldn’t do a third party run if he didn’t win the nomination from Rubio. And this jerk was often cited as McCain’s VP? Thanks God he was revealed for what he really was, another self-serving piece of crap politician.

  2. peachstealth says:

    I understand the intended purpose anti price gouging laws but I don’t like them. They disrupt what Adam Smith called the “invisible hand” of the free market.
    If one gas station raises his prices he will have shorter lines, people will by a half tank rather than fill up and more people will be able to leave.
    If the motel operator doubles his prices, a family of four might decide to crowd into one room rather than take two. That leaves room for another family.
    The gas station and motel operator are rewarded for staying open late and serving their customers.

    • wicker says:

      A better one would be a debate among conservatives on whether actual libertarianism is viable in a modern post-industrial economy and society that A) needs a huge supply of well-trained and educated workers and B) where nearly all the working population expects a relatively (and by that I mean relative to the rest of the world, even including other modern and developing nations) high standard of living.

    • You’ll be happy to know the crisis has been averted for now. As for the reputation of the Press, y’all should have thought of that before welcoming Charlie into your ranks.

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