Hembree To Run For Hamrick Senate Seat

As Charlie posted earlier today, Sen Bill Hamrick will leave his Senate seat and accept a judicial appointment. Speculation that Rep. Bill Hembree would seek the soon to be vacated Senate seat appears to have been validated:


  1. Samuel says:

    Notice how Governor Deal and Bill Hamrick waited with this pending announcement to be within the 60 day special election window so the Republican Executive Committee could avoid suffering the embarrassment of having to select either Hembree or Glenn Richardson as Senate candidate Hamrick’s replacement on the District 30 ballot. Thank you Governor and thank you Bill; now we District 30 voters can select with a special “non-partisan” election on November 6th!

  2. Howard Roark says:

    Glen Richardson. What an embarrassment. Hard to believe he is fool enough to float the idea of running.

  3. Bob Loblaw says:

    @ Samuel:

    The GOP Executive Committee could have selected whomever they wished. This was a power play to ensure that the same party hacks that just stuck those ballot questions on personhood, lobbyist spending, etc. wouldn’t be selecting a Senator for the district. The party and its elected leaders need to communicate bettter. If the party had not become a split caucus of know-nothing TEA party ranters in need of Cliff’s notes on American government and zealots who want to pridefully be the state that has its name in the case that either overturns or chips away at Roe v. Wade, it might be possible. Each side looks the other way while the other prepares to mindlessly whack away at the budget or destroy a women’s right to quality health care.

    The fact that GA went from “likely Romney” to “leaning Romney” underscores the lack of faith Georgians are beginning to have in this horrid coalition.

  4. Samuel says:

    Actually, I’ve been shocked these past several months to hear too many Georgia Republicans tell me they simply can not bring themselves to vote for a “cultist” – If the GOP sits home on Nobember 6th, it’s quite possible the Georgia Presidential results may be a whole lot closer than 55% to 45%!

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