Attention Board of Regents–Here’s Your Golden Political Ticket For A Do-Over

Before you get too attached to the monument that the Georgia Board of Regents erected for themselves by naming the new university formed by the consolidation of Augusta State and the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Regent University in Virginia may file suit over the name of the newly minted Georgia Regents University.  In fact, Regent University asked that the Board of Regents not use their federally registered trademarked name:

“Regent University has consistently taken steps to protect its trademarked name. We have respect for the Georgia Board of Regents but we believe that their selection of the name Georgia Regents University is an unfortunate infringement of our valuable federally registered trademark,” Dr. Carlos Campo, the president of Regent University, said in a statement.

A not so subtle way of telling the Board of Regents to back off of the new name.  Dear members of the Board of Regents, take this as an opportunity to save face and use this as political cover to find a better name for the university.  Just a friendly suggestion from an alumnus and constituent.


  1. James Fannin says:

    Obviously they came up with a name that would honor the most important people in Georgia – themselves. The real irony is that Regent University thankfully raises a valid point that there might be some confusion and who the heck would want to graduate from a college that might be confused with any school founded by Pat Robertson? No thank you.

  2. novicegirl says:

    I’ve got an awesome idea, let’s call it “Medical College of GA.” It’s a name that has broad, statewide appeal and is clear about the goals of the school.

    Georgia Regents University sounds like one of those internet degrees that Shannen Doherty pimps on TV, “Get a double major in gun-smithing and medical billing.”

  3. Daddy Got A Gun says:

    I think Balfour University has a cool ring to it.

    The mascot could be nicknamed …. Mileage and be a life-size check for $5,000,000 made out to Don Balfour’s Retirement Account.

    The school motto could be “Adepto Dives Balfour Via” …. Latin for Get Rich The Balfour Way

    The biggest building on campus will house the incinerator and shredders.

    The School song will be Gold Digger by Kayne West.

    • rrrrr says:

      Obviously, someone ate all their Wheaties this morning.

      That’s just plain funny, thanks for the “vision” of the future…

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