Runoff Results: 8-21-12

First result is, again, the SOS “improved” website is overly complicated for election night results.  While it may provide better data to slice and dice after the fact, it’s quite simply too hard if not impossible to tell what results are in, which are still out, and who you’re waiting on to come in.  New does not equal improved.  The Secretary of State needs to spend less time sending out press releases screaming “Jobs!” and more time running his elections division.

Doug Collins has won Georgia 9 over Martha Zoller.   Congrats to Doug.

Tim Lee has secured the lead in Cobb.  1300 vote lead with 4 partial precincts remaining.

It looks like Bill Heath will be returning to the Senate.  Your kosher hot dogs can still be blessed if needed.

Miriam Paris now trails David Lucas by 300 votes with 1 county out..

SOS Website has Anderson over Allen by 153 votes final in GA-12.

Former Hampton Mayor Tommy Smith has beaten incumbent Commission Chairman B.J. Mathis in Henry County, per @PoliticalRobert

Jeff Turner appears to be destroying incumbent Commission Chairman Eldrin Bell in Clayton County with 2/3 of the vote in, Per WSBTV.

Dear everyone in Fayette and Henry County: Start wall construction tomorrow. Victor Hill will defeat Kem Kimbrough.

Mike Beaudreau lost challenger Tommy Hunter for Commissioner in Gwinnett by 56 votes.  One of the good guys, Beaudreau pays the price of guilt by association.

Alan Painter, a great guy who I’m very impressed with (As good of a grasp on issues as anyone I’ve seen on the campaign trail) lost in the HD 1 runoff to John Deffenbaugh.  Someone get Painter on your radar screen.  He’s one of the good guys that we need to find a place for.

I’m done with the updates.  Feel free to continue posting finals in the comments.


  1. debbie0040 says:

    Everyone hates the change to the SOS site. Much more complicated and too hard to get data. Hope that changes before November

  2. Calypso says:

    I agree with the convoluted SOS site. Not only is it a pain to navigate, in Gwinnett County with more than 6,000 votes posted, the number of precincts reporting show zero of 159 precincts reporting.

    If no precincts have reported where did those 6,000 votes come from?

    The site sucks.

    • John Konop says:

      If it is true it is really a bad sign for the GOP. Instead of focusing on real issues this is another election won by gay bashing. Irronically it is not what Jesus would do. I wonder how many of the gay bashed supporters would support anti-voting rules for people who got divorced, cheating on their spouse……..? If we are using a biblical standard how many office holders would qualify?

            • debbie0040 says:

              If Collins votes right, he will have our support. If he doesn’t and is un-ethical, then we will oppose him very strongly. Only time will tell. The thing with the tea party, we don’t stop. We keep coming back and keep coming back. No end to our patience

                • debbie0040 says:

                  I had a good track record with Tom Graves a few years back, I had a great track record with T-SPLOST, I had a great track record in the Doug McKillip race and other races, Paul Broun won. I hope I have a good track record with Mike B. in Gwinnett. I supported both of the Judge candidates that won tonight in Gwinnett.

                  What kind of track record do YOU have?

                  • jackson says:

                    If we are rating your scorecard by who you personally support on this blog, they you lost Cagle v Reed, Lost Handel v Deal, lost Collins v Zoller, lost Rogers v Beach, lost Balfour v whomever it was, lost TSPLOST outside of Atlanta, and that’s off the top of my head. Probably lose Lee vs Byrne

                    Id be careful about taking credit for the hard work of others, especially when you dont take the blame for your folks losing.

                    • debbie0040 says:

                      Won Rogers vs Beach, lost T-SPLOST outside of Atlanta? It failed in 9 of 12 regions in Georgia. That includes regions outside of Atlanta. I stated repeatedly in the press that it was a team effort with t-splost. I was on the right side of the ballot questions as well – especially Josh McKoon’s ethics question..

                      Handel vs Deal was very close . Cagle vs Reed was not. You win some you lose some. I don’t lose sleep over it. You go on and re-group and fight another day.. YOU guys are the ones that inferred I was on the losing end all the time so I defended that and you get all upset because I do. Taking blame for the ones that lost? Yea, I am the reason Ralph Reed lost, I am the reason Martha Zoller lost. I am the reason Bill Byrne lost, I am the reason Steve Ramey and Travis Bowen lost. I am the reason Karen Handel lost. Happy?

      • Monica says:

        I’ve already had this argument on peachpundit before, but lets do this again: people got turned off from Zoller not because she supported civil unions (I certainly do) but because she lied about it and tried to act like she “never said that” even though it was flat out on tape. And she did that with a couple of other issues. And yes I heard what she said, and yes I did my homework and looked it up, I even tried hard to find the rest of that CNN interview she made the statements in. There is no way of bending it – she lied because she was afraid if she were honest she’d lose. So there’s a life lesson for her…

        I’d still take her over Collins, but the truth is neither one is the kind of person I’d like to represent me. Marisha Agana said it best: “I’m tired of elected officials who flipflop on issues treating convictions and principles like a revolving door.” For a “non-politician” Zoller sure tried to act like one.

        All these statements you’re making about Jesus are just fantasy. You have no idea what Jesus would do 🙂 I believe God creates people just as they are, gay or straight – but that’s irrelevant. It’s not up to you or me to dictate to people how to interpret their religion, religious books, statements of their religious leaders, etc. Tolerance has this funny definition, it really isn’t convenient for anyone.

        • John Konop says:


          I am just keeping it real! The gay bashing card has been used in numerous elections in Georgia. 20 years from now this will be a very embarasing historic issue, simular to women right to vote, interracial marriage…… Irronicaly some religious people used the bible to argue against the above.

          • John Konop says:

            Btw Monica do you think when the bible was used to argue against women’s right to vote, Jim crow laws……it was a proper use of the teachings of the bible? Is that is what Jesus would do?

  3. 5MinuteMan says:

    … and Lee pulls ahead of Byrne by 150 votes. Not clear whether East Cobb precincts are reporting yet. Last time around, they were pretty slow.

  4. Daddy Got A Gun says:

    9:24 ….. From SOS site with 66 of 153 Precincts Reporting
    BILL BYRNE (REP) 49.76% 7,661
    TIM LEE (I) (REP) 50.24% 7,735
    74 votes with Lee now in the lead

    Charlie’s finger crossing seems to be working.

  5. Romegaguy says:

    From my back porch I can hear the idling moving trucks in Cobb County waiting to see if Byrne gets elected or not.

  6. Charlie says:

    We just had a commenter attempt to log in as “Sela Ward”. As I’m sure Ms. Ward would be welcome, her imposter is not. We try to avoid screen names of famous people and fake elected folks. Please select another name and try again.

  7. debbie0040 says:

    Anyone that voted for Tim Lee does not have the right to complain when he starts raising your taxes because you got what you voted for…

        • 5MinuteMan says:

          The UN convinced me to vote for Lee, using their GOTV effort “The Sustainable Green Renewable Housing Initiative for the 21st Century.”

        • Charlie says:

          Unlike having a binary litmus test of “What did you tell me last week”, I can look at the fact that both men have records. You tend to ignore the parts of people’s records you find inconvenient. Like Chip Rogers being one of the fathers of T-SPLOST, but you backing him because he told you he was anti-TSPLOST.

          Byrne once ran Cobb County. The county still has image problems because of it. He was as pro-transit if not more so than Tim Lee (which isn’t a problem I have with either, I just find it amazing that the anti-TSPLOST crowd won’t recognize that fact).

          you then have to look at his attempt at his biomass fiasco, and his attempt to hide the losses to the taxpayer.

          How about him seeking power in Polk County, saying he essentially hated Cobb and the people who live there.

          Byrne governed in a time when growth was occurring and propery values were increasing. It was easy to expand government and no one ever had to see the taxes go up.

          Lee had bigger challenges. Do I like his decisions? Some, no.

          But am I capable of looking past the last 10 minutes to see the big picture? Yes.

          I’d suggest you learn to try it before you start lecturing other people in counties you don’t live in. It really hurts any credibility you have about “local control” arguments.

            • debbie0040 says:

              I do have friends in Cobb that supported Byrne because of Lee’s stance on taxes. The way you feel about Byrne, they feel about Lee.

              • notsplost says:

                I voted for Byrne and I am disappointed he lost. But I’m more disappointed that we’re stuck here in Cobb with 4 more years of Lee. He showed no indication of getting the message the voters sent 3 weeks ago. I didn’t hear anything resembling contrition or recognition of the resounding smack down the voters gave the TSPLOST. If you are a citizen in Cobb and you aren’t connected with the Chamber of Commerce it is going to be a long 4 years.

                As Debbie pointed out our taxes are probably going to go up. The only hope is that some of the other commissioners saw Lee’s near death experience and got religion.

        • jackson says:

          “Raising taxes” is not the only issue one should consider when voting for someone, Debbie. How about choosing someone that didn’t trash that county they are living in now when they were trying to win a race somewhere else? What abotu someone that wont waste $80 Million and then try and cover it up?

          I am not going to re-litigate the election, but seriously. Just because the person you dont like wins a race, doesn’t mean they are terrible. Casey Cagle comes to mind as it relates to your hatred for people that dont win.

          Doug Collins as well. Both are good people. Doug won, and frankly, I think he is going to be pretty damn conservative.

          • debbie0040 says:

            As I said earlier, if Collins votes right and is ethical, we will support him. If he doesn’t we will strongly oppose him

          • mpierce says:

            “How about choosing someone that didn’t trash that county they are living in”

            Those people were no longer on the ballot. Tim Lee called those who opposed TSPLOST spoiled brats and racist. Then after insulting them for not wanting to raise taxes, he says he believes in lower taxes in order to get re-elected.

          • debbie0040 says:

            Will be interesting to look at disclosures of Collins campaign and other campaigns helpful to Doug and any third party payments that were made by another campaign

        • Bob Loblaw says:

          Just more entertainment value for you, Calypso. Enjoy the show and turn your effin cell phone off.

          • The Comma Guy says:

            So what happens if the people elect someone to a job that they cannot get certified to do? Does this mean that when Walking Small rides in on his tank on Day 1, his “chief deputy” will become the Sheriff?

          • Calypso says:

            What the hell are you talking about? You’ve got me confused with someone else who was looking for entertainment value in their vote casting.

              • Calypso says:

                I’m in:

                US Congressional District-π
                State Senate District-Balunfortunately
                House District-3 to the fifth power
                County Commission District-7.48
                School Board District-36 kids in a classroom

                  • Calypso says:

                    The rumors which are positive are, of course, not only true but I find them to be vastly understated as well as under-reported.

                    The rumors which are negative are half-true, though the halves alternate one to another from time to time.

                    The rumors which are salacious in nature are delightfully true.

                    Please contact my agent, Mr. Homer, to book me for speaking engagements to your local civic organization. Honorariums are based upon the size of both the group and its bank account. Bigger is better in both instances.

              • Calypso says:

                Apology accepted. I can understand your confusion as people often say our avatars look very similar to one another.

  8. Charlie says:

    People watching the individual races closer than me note that the SOS website just noted 6 counties as “final” without changing any vote totals in GA 12. So maybe it’s final. Maybe someone stopped counting because they had to applaud someone else’s economic development announcement. Who the hell knows.

  9. ricstewart says:

    The groundhog saw his shadow in GA-12, which means [I’m not good at math] more weeks of tractors and hilarity.
    I voted for Allen, but part of me wanted Anderson to win for the chuckles it would provide at his expense.

  10. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Cobb Commission 4, Lisa Cupid smoked Woody Thompson ( R turned D)
    LISA CUPID (DEM) 75.62% 3,065
    WOODY THOMPSON (I) (DEM) 24.38% 988

    Lawd, it ain’t easy to get rid of them Thompson boys.. but wow, she worked it out.

  11. Charlie says:

    I now call the Primary season to a close.

    Except for those pesky challenges (possible in HD1) and recounts (possible in CD12). But closed, at least for tonight.

    Tomorrow, we awake knowing that Agenda 21 is one step closer to reality. Tim Lee and Ban Ki Moon, my two fave BFF’s.

    Night all.

  12. jstjoan says:

    This is a great day for Henry County taxpayers. With Chairman BJ Mathis ousted tonight, Commissioner Warren Holder removed three weeks ago, and Commissioner Randy Stamey who did not seek reelection due to being investigated by the District Attorney, we now have an opportunity for ethical, responsible government. All three Republican candidates who will now go into the General Election in November – Chairman candidate Tommy Smith, District 3 Commissioner candidate Gary Barham, and District 1 Commissioner candidate William “Bo” Moss – I personally know as men of character and integrity. Good things are about to happen in Henry County. Finally.

    • James Fannin says:

      A study In contrasts between what happened in Henry County and what happened in Clayton County. Henry county voted for ethics and transparency in government. Clayton County? Not so much.

    • Calypso says:

      56 of them made the difference. For the sake of Gwinnett County, I hope Hunter does a better job than I expect him to.

  13. Obi's Sister says:

    From the Clayton News-Daily (

    Not everyone shared in Hill’s celebratory spirit. Atlanta attorney Harlan Miller represented the 27 deputies Hill fired on his first day in office in January 2005. Miller got their jobs back and a multimillion dollar settlement for the group.

    #“All I can say is that Victor Hill is like a bad ant bed,” said Miller. “Scary to stumble across and hard to get rid of.”

  14. David Allen says:

    I like the new SOS system. It does have the ability to show what precincts or what counties are reporting in. It’s just not in an obvious place. I think the data is easier to pull based on a county level and even at a precinct level. I like how you can get precinct data without having to download a counties entire SOVC report. You just have to get familiar with it.

  15. girl with a gun says:

    I got the sheriff, county chairman and the probate judge I voted for but missed on the tax comm. and congress. It’s all good though.

  16. seekingtounderstand says:

    Charlie and company: Could Collins have won without running a campaign that was so unattractive? Way too many creepy robo calls with poor audio quality. Horrible mailouts.
    Obnoxious staff. Not focusing on issues that are important to his district.
    Could not he had won by just saying: I have lived my life in service to others and will continue to do so. Here is my experience that I can take to Congress and fight for you.
    He won but his campaign was the most unattractive thing about him and made me question his values as a human being. He kinda set the bar low for himself.
    Is this just how it is?

    • Charlie says:

      Campaigns are campaigns. Consultants are paid to do what works. They are paid to give advice to win.

      Doug started out with a network, and the backing of elected officials in the district. Martha started out with name ID and a closer association with the TEA party and outsiders. If you look around at the results from yesterday, “insider” was quite the dirty word.

      Doug has a voting record. It was clearly used against him by Zoller’s campaign. Zoller has a record based on her statements, writings, and public appearances. They were clearly used against her. Both cried foul, out of context, etc. It’s how it goes.

      At the end of the day, Collins put together a grassroots team that understood the district. Runoffs aren’t about positioning. They are about getting your people to the polls. Collins’ team did that and they won.

      Martha still ran a good race, and she has political options in the future if she wants them. As a one time candidate myself, I can say you learn a lot when you go from the operative/advocate side of politics to the candidate side of politics. This was her first race. There is a learning curve. A congressional campaign is a hard place to receive on the job training. (Ask Rick Allen or Wright McLeod about that too.) But Martha didn’t make any crucial mistakes that would bar her from seeking another office if she chooses in the future.

      Campaigns are often ugly. Most of the time, the ugliness is forgotten well before the swearing in for all but the immediate parties involved.

      • griftdrift says:


        “At the end of the day, Collins put together a grassroots team that understood the district. Runoffs aren’t about positioning. They are about getting your people to the polls. Collins’ team did that and they won.”

        I’m reminded of Paul Broun’s initial win. A good friend from Lyons asked me once, how the heck did he pull that off? My response – he’s just better at knocking on doors and talking to people.

        • Joshua Morris says:

          In this case, I would say that applies to Collins’ team and not so much to the candidate himself.

  17. seekingtounderstand says:

    Our self serving county commissioner chairman lost in a landslide! My faith has been renewed in the people of Hall County. And to think I thought it was going to be a close race.

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