New Poll From Better Georgia

Better Georgia has a new poll out from 20/20 Insight that sheds some light on why some have moved Georgia into the pink color instead of the red on those fun electoral maps.

Bottom line on Presidential is Romney 49, Obama 46, but click through to see the answers on some of the others questions.

And find out that 11% of Georgians have “Never Heard” of public schools.

Oh and note to Governor Deal, the smart thing and the right thing is also the thing supported by the majority of voters:

Under the new health care reform law, Georgia has the option to expand its Medicaid program to add
more people who are working and don’t qualify for welfare, but don’t make enough to buy private
health insurance. The law requires the federal government to pay at least 90% of the cost. Do you
support expanding Medicaid or not?

52 51 Support
36 38 Oppose
12 11 Not Sure






  1. Technocrat says:

    Obviously many QUASI citizens don’t pay Federal Taxes [more than 50% of filers get extra cash back] or understand that the 90% from Federal gov. comes out of their Federal Taxes thus increasing them.

  2. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “Better Georgia has a new poll out from 20/20 Insight that sheds some light on why some have moved Georgia into the pink color instead of the red on those fun electoral maps……
    ……Bottom line on Presidential is Romney 49, Obama 46, but click through to see the answers on some of the others questions.”

    Don’t get too excited there, Scooter. Obama still does not have an ice cube’s chance in hell of winning Georgia in November as most of that 5% of undecided voters is going to swing Romney’s way.

    Georgia may be turning “pink” in advance of future election cycles due to transplants moving in from other parts of the country, especially from up top, but for now in 2012 Georgia is still redder than most and redder than ever.

    • Stefan says:

      My math/physics/theology knowledge might not be quite up to snuff to determine your comparison point, but I’d say Obama chances of winning Georgia are around 11%. But I could be wrong. It might be 20% or 5%. But that’s hardly the point of the poll.

      Oh, and that’s not me switching Georgia from red to pink, i.e. from solid Romney to leaning Romney, its Karl Rove.

      • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

        Your wrong. It’s not Karl Rove turning Georgia from red to pink, it’s the idiots in charge of running the state into the ground down at the Gold Dome that are not only going to turn Georgia from red to pink, but probably from red to purple if they’re not careful, which they have been anything but while they’ve been in charge of boldly leading Georgia into the Twilight Zone.

        • Lea Thrace says:

          I think he meant Karl Rove’s outfit were the ones who changed the outlook to pink (statistically speaking and based on polls) not that his ideas are changing it…

  3. Happy Face says:

    I’ll wait until I see a second poll by another polster confirm the presidential numbers. On average, one in twenty polls will be outside their margin of error, this might be one of them. With the conventions coming up, the polls are going to bounce around anyway.

  4. Bill Dawers says:

    Interesting poll. A few comments:
    *Obama took 47% of the vote in 2008 and changing demographics will offset to some degree other issues working against him. He will certainly lose Georgia this year, but I’m expecting 44-45% at the worst. Transplants might help make Georgia pink, but for the most part it’s an ongoing demographic shift, with more and more of the electorate composed of blacks and of Latinos.

    *I’m struck not only the polarization of opinion on Obama (47% of likely voters give the lowest possible rating, 33% highest) but of Romney (34% lowest, 28% highest).

    *I should probably work this into an entire post, but there are some key factors frequently ignored in discussions of the 46% of households that pay no federal income taxes. Somewhere around 40% of the households paying no federal income tax have income of less than $20,000. Over 20% of those households that pay no federal income tax are exempt because of tax benefits for the elderly. Etc.

    • Lea Thrace says:

      Re: Your last point

      That reality/logic does not fit into the “talking points” narrative that permeates the political landscape today.


    • David C says:

      Don’t forget payroll taxes and the like that plenty of people below the income tax threshold pay. And the large population of children and teenagers that exist in the population but don’t pay taxes because they’re, you know, children and teenagers. That “50% people don’t pay tax” myth is awful. and awful stupid.

  5. Subnuke98 says:

    If you look at the breakdown, its a D+8 poll. Georgia hasn’t been D+8 since the 80’s. Looks like MAJOR trouble for Obama if its a D+8 poll and he’s still down 3.

    • caroline says:

      Does anybody think that Obama is going to carry GA in the fall? He did not carry GA in ’08 when he had better national numbers so I find it kind of interesting that anybody would think that discussing Obama’s chances in GA is about as worthy an issue of discussion as Romney’s chances of losing Utah.

    • As the pollster, I’d point you towards the exit poll from 2008 (available on CNN and elsewhere) that put Georgia at a +3 margin for Democrats (38 D, 35R) even though McCain won the state by 5. That year, independents went for McCain by 17 points.

      In our poll, we had a statistically equal number of Democrats as the 08 exit poll (39 to 38) and our R number was slightly outside the margin of error (31 to 35).

      However, balancing it out – independents in the Better Georgia poll go for Romney by 30 points.

      Party ID is fluid, always moving and bouncing around, and you must account for the margin of error. For whatever reason more Republican voters are calling themselves independents in this poll than the exit poll from a few years ago – could it be that in Georgia a Massachusetts Mormon now leads the Republican party where as four years ago it was an ex-Texas Governor and Arizona war hero? You decide.

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