In Case You Missed It…

There’s an election today for a lot of Georgians. I’m sure the vast majority of y’all knew that, but you can never tell who lives under a rock these days. Anyway, most of the eyes will be focused on the Republican congressional races in the 9th and 12th. I know we have one state house race that will be interesting in Walker County. Dade County has a very heated sheriff’s race. Feel free to talk about the 2012 Georgia General Primary Runoff election today in this thread. Polls are open from now until 7 PM this evening, so get out and vote if you have a race in your area.


        • Calypso says:

          Looks like you were right and my prediction was wrong. I thought Beaudreau would win, though my spread above was wishful thinking. Losing, or winning, a race by 56 votes out of more than 9,000 cast is quite something.

          I wonder if provisional ballots will make any difference. In this age of electronic voting, recounts are virtually meaningless.

          I hope Hunter will do a better job than I expect him to do.

          • Jimmie says:

            funny thing is I looked at AJC right after you posted this. Your numbers were exact. It was a close race. We need to keep after these BOC. I think the trash plan and Briscoe came back to bite MB.

            • Calypso says:

              I’m sure those two issues were involved in his defeat. I also think two other things played a larger role in it. 1) The anti-incumbency mood is heavy. Look around the metro area at other races, combined with: 2) As Charlie mentioned above, the ‘guilt by association’ aspect of the situation. Having shared the dais with the likes of Bannister, Kenerly, and Lasseter can’t do anyone any good, even though Mike had nothing to do with the corrupt nature of those three scoundrels.

              I imagine enough people thought it was time to clean house, especially after two terms. I feel it is unfortunate for Gwinnett that Mike got swept up in the scandal, since he is one of the good guys.

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