Georgia Runoff Predictions

Who is the GOP nominee and defacto Congressperson elect from Georgia 9?

Who is the GOP nominee that will face a tough national contest against John Barrow in GA 12?

Who is the Cobb County Commission Chairman?

Bill Heath or Bill Carruth for an extra vote to control the Senate GOP Caucus?

And, perhaps most entertaining yet sad, Does Victor Hill return to sheriffing in Clayton County?

Feel free to comment on these or any other races you are watching below.


  1. 1. Collins don’t underestimate the Deal mafia
    2. Anderson the fields were empty and the tractors were parked three deep at the polling places – when talking about GA-12 always remember WWJD – What Would Jenkins Do – I predict it will go for the winner.
    3. Tim Lee, he got the Bridget vote.
    4. I can only predict that one year from now, Victory Hill will not be the sheriff.

  2. Daddy Got A Gun says:

    Tim Lee….. I got a call last night with Byrne’s voice saying he didn’t want Polk County to be like Cobb. That was enough for me to stay home. I wish Boyce had won. 🙁

  3. Bob Loblaw says:

    When Victor Hill was being led away from the Defendant’s table to be taken into custody and turned and yelled “I’m still running for Sheriff!” I thought I was watching Dave Chappelle. Kembrough wins.

    If Byrne gets elected it’d have a similar effect to Walking Small getting the badge back for Cobb. Competency and image would suffer. Hoping both of those counties get those right.

    Barrow is looking better by the day.

  4. AlanR says:

    I don’t know who will win, but I just hope we don’t have four more years of that psychopath.
    Which one? My point exactly.

  5. wicker says:

    Regarding Clayton County, while the Victor Hill runoff is more entertaining, the county commission race between Jeff Turner and Eldrin Bell is more important for the region. Bell supported T-SPLOST, Turner opposed it. The outcome of that race may determine whether Clayton makes a push to join MARTA, and the nature (i.e. timing, conditions) of the bid to join MARTA takes place.

  6. fuzzypeach777 says:

    With the background sound track of Woody Woodpecker, Victor Hill wins the runoff.

    And people don’t think Obama will win a second term.

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