On With Rob & Dave This Morning, WGST Radio

I’ll be talking with Rob and Dave over at WGST in Atlanta this morning, after the 7:30 break.  We’ll probably start with the fun that is Senate dysfunction, Don Balfour’s ethics amnesty, and see where it leads from there.

You can listen live here.


  1. Calypso says:

    Charlie, try to work the word ‘cauliflower’ into the conversation at least once.

    I’ll be listening, and counting.

        • Daddy Got A Gun says:

          No Cauliflower but another AWESOME informative radio interview.

          Charlie, you are good. You manage to compress alot of information into the little time they gave you.

  2. Calypso says:

    Charlie, after that interview I suggest you check under the hood of your car before starting it for the next several weeks for any small box which may have wires dangling from it.

    And regarding ‘cauliflower’, though you never used the word itself, I noticed you did use words which contained all the individual letters which comprise ‘cauliflower’. I assume it was a code, and we understand your reticence to come right out and use the word on the air.

  3. Matt Stout says:

    I am puzzled. Why you are choosing this subject for the radio?

    I get what you are broadcasting right now Charlie, about who Balfour is because of the power struggle that he presides as Rules Chairman during. I get that part. He has a huge campaign warchest. I get it.

    But the level of corruption is so bad in our state government throughout; if this is all that you can dig up on Balfour, he looks like a saint…in comparison.

    This “per diem discrepancy” thing is a campaign tactic historically; and the campaign is over.

    So I’m kind of puzzled why you are going after a minnow of a situation when Moby Dick is right in front of your face.

    Surely there is more to your story.

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