Morning Reads August 20, 2012

Georgia Reads

– Barrow calls on Anderson and Allen to take a position on the Ryan budget.
– Georgia Gwinnett College is still growing, adding sports.
– Runoffs in Gwinnett tomorrow: Beaudreau vs. Hunter for County Commission and four women compete for 2 Judicial positions.
– Macon Telegraph: Runoffs Across Middle Georgia.
– Wingfield: Barge gets it wrong by opposing charter schools amendment.

National Reads

– FBI investigates whether or not a Congressman went skinny dipping in Isreal. FBI? Really?
– Larry Summers on why he thinks government won’t shrink.
– If you’re waiting for an apology from the White House on Joe Biden’s “back in chains” comment you’ll be waiting a long time. Don’t we owe Dan Quayle an apology after four years of Joe Biden?
– Apparently Fareed Zakaria plagiarized someone. Since it happened on CNN, did anybody notice?
– Latest RCP Polling Average: Obama 47.8%, Romney 44.4%

Other Stuff

– Grayson sits atop the preseason High School Football AAAAA rankings.
– The Dodgers took two of three from the Braves this weekend.


    • saltycracker says:

      🙂 Saw that article and was so proud to see a GOP’r not acting all pious.
      Tequila made his clothes fall off…

    • mountainpass says:

      Above link updated:
      “According to Atlanta City Council President Ceasar Mitchell, some of the recommendations suggested by the task force included better lighting, more updates to parents, sync up Crime Stoppers and the See Something, Say Something programs, add campus officials to code enforcement updates, conduct semi-annual safety audits, and ask law makers to give campus police more jurisdiction.

      Yep that will stop the crime…..

  1. saltycracker says:

    Shrinking Gov’t: Government has to fundamentally change how it serves the citizens. Research over investments, high tech defense over deployment all over the world, regulated health care & mortgage business over ownership & fraud, simplified, enforcable tax codes vs. winner/looser complexities.

  2. John Konop says:

    What was this guy smoking? BTW what does he mean by “Legitmate rape”, how was this study done and what doctors did this study?

    ……Missouri Republican: ‘Legitimate rape’ rarely causes pregnancy….

    …“First of all, from what I understand from doctors, [pregnancy from rape] is really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,” Akin said…….

    • John Walraven says:

      As the Executive Director of a high-risk obstetrical and fertility care physicians’ group, I can wholeheartedly say that female rape victims do not possess a “shut down” feature that prevents conception. It is the height of disrespect of women to look into the eyes of a victim of such a horrible crime and disregard the impact that a rape has upon them.

        • John Walraven says:

          Romney Campaign response:

          Akin also drew a swift rebuke from the campaign of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and his running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

          Romney and Ryan “disagree with Mr. Akin’s statement, and a Romney-Ryan administration would not oppose abortion in instances of rape,” Romney spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg said.

          Romney went further in an interview with National Review Online, calling Akin’s comments “insulting, inexcusable and frankly wrong.”

          “Like millions of other Americans, we found them to be offensive,” Romney said.

    • caroline says:

      He’s smoking the same thing a lot of other people are the far right are because he’s not the first one to say something like this. I had thought that McCaskill was going to be a goner in the fall but she sure did luck out having to run against this whacko.

      • Scott65 says:

        He is a whacko on so many levels…against Pell Grants, school lunches, you name it…you dont get much further right than this guy. I bet Karl Rove is ready to “reach out and touch” this guy after the millions he has poured into this race to see them go down the drain.

    • saltycracker says:

      When the premise is life begins at the earliest biological beginning it will require some bizarre justifications.

      Pro-life, no exceptions is what the majority (wasn’t it 66% + ?) of GA Republican voters favored…….we debated this inhumane question heavily on PP……

      • Scott65 says:

        Thats Republican voters…I’ll go out on a limb and guess the majority of ALL voters are in favor of exceptions for rape, incest, and health of the mother. Paul Ryan also was a cosponsor of Aiken’s amendment that tried to redefine rape before public outcry made them withdraw it. These are not people that should be in elected office (Aiken…not Ryan…still out on that one). I cant see how many women will be voting for Aiken

  3. Stefan says:

    re: Fareed

    It didn’t happen on CNN, it was an article written for Time. And it likely wasn’t he who wrote the piece, but that’s really a separate issue.

    • Happy Face says:

      Too many people involved in the news business are now considered brands. There’s no need to have someone ghost write for your columnists if content is valued higher than the name associated with writing it. If Fareed didn’t have time to pen a column, whoever wrote it should have gotten the byline and ended up taking responsibility for their error. Not that I feel bad for Fareed. He shouldn’t have agreed to/arranged for a ghost writer.

  4. I Miss the 90s says:

    So, is it just happenstance that Rep Akin’s retardedness did not make the National Reads section?

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