Governor Deal Dials For Collins

It’s not exactly a well kept secret that Governor Nathan Deal has been quitely backing Doug Collins for his old seat in Congress.  While I still can’t find the word “endorse” anywhere, Governor Deal’s support has grown a bit louder this weekend, courtesy of a robo-call going out to 9th district voters.  The audio is as follows, per a Collins press release:

“Hello, this is Governor Nathan Deal. I just wanted to thank you for honoring me with the privilege of serving our great state. As you prepare to vote in Tuesday’s Republican runoff, I wanted to tell you about my good friend, Doug Collins. Doug has served as my Floor Leader in the State House, and he’s helped me enact laws that protect life, crack down on illegal immigration and cut taxes to promote jobs. A Christian conservative, Doug Collins will stand up to Barack Obama, eliminate wasteful spending and cut the debt as well as our taxes. Again, this is Governor Nathan Deal. I thank you for your time.”

The only poll publicly released showed a tight race, with Zoller just outside the margin of error with a lead.  She also piled up a large number of high profile endorsements from conservative media and TEA Party leaders (Sarah Palin, Erick Erickson, Herman Cain, and Sadie Fields, to name a few).  Collins, however, has the support of former Governor/Senator Zell Miller and now some spoken words from Governor Deal on his behalf.

The continued theme comes down to the wire:  Whose endorsements matter most? Respected leaders among the conservative base who live outside the district, or those within the 9th that voters have once had serve them.  We’ll know Tuesday night.


  1. bullFrog says:

    Deal owes Collins (have to pay your dues when you join the club, you know) … Collins was the apparent pit bull for the ethically-challenged Deal a couple of years back:

    “Collins’ connections to Deal prompted a mention in a 2010 report by the Office of Congressional Ethics, which was looking into whether Deal broke House ethics rules while serving in Congress. The subject was a meeting in which Collins, Deal and Deal’s chief of staff met with then-Revenue Commissioner Bart Graham about an inspection program that benefited Deal’s auto salvage company.

    Graham, who wanted to open the program to more competition, told investigators Collins “hotboxed” him and treated him like a “witness under cross-examination.” (

    Now I’m not sure what “hotboxing” is, but I hope there were no women or children present.

    (Hey, Tomczak, did I wait long enough for you this time?)

  2. seekingtounderstand says:

    They are both establishment, sold their soul to the ga republican party in order to be where they are. You know gatekeepers exist in this one party state and only loyality is rewarded. They just gave the voters the appearance of a difference.

  3. caroline says:

    Since this is GA I’m wondering how many people might not vote for a woman even with all those endorsements. Like you say, you’ll find out on Tuesday.

    • Happy Face says:

      The K/Cathy Coxes both held statewide office, along with Linda Schrenko, Leah Ward Sears, and Karen Handel. Women might have a harder time getting elected but it’s happened enough for statewide office that I wouldn’t assume that it’s that big of a deal.

      • caroline says:

        I had forgotten about them. Thanks. If she wins then she will probably be the first one elected to federal office then? I was just thinking while women have been moving up the ladder so to speak in GA, I”m just not sure whether women will get a federal office. That being said, if she is the first well, good for her!

        • There have been a few women from Georgia to serve in the House and only one in the Senate. Our only female Senator from Georgia, Rebecca Latimer Felton, was the very first female U.S. Senator. She only served a day, though. Zoller would be the first Republican woman from Georgia.

          House of Rep. (All Democrats)
          Cynthia McKinney
          Iris Faircloth Blitch
          Denise Majette
          Florence Reville Gibbs
          Helen Douglas Mankin

          U.S. Senate (Democrat also)
          Rebeeca Ann Latimer Felton

  4. xdog says:

    I find it hard to believe that any mid-term governor would risk an endorsement on a losing candidate, so adios, Martha!

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