Morning Reads 8/17/2012

Happy Friday, ya’ll.

Do you remember Jim Donnan? Hopefully you didn’t invest any money with him.

You could say Donnan “fumbled” all of that money. What a coincidence, Mark Richt hates fumbling. Meanwhile, Georgia State will soon need a new football coach.

John Barge does not support the charter schools amendment.

DO. NOT. USE. PRESSURE. WASHERS. ON. PRISONERS. Well, you can . . . if you don’t value your job.

More backlash over “Georgia Regents University.” GHSU President Ricardo Azziz–clearly–watched Richard Gere’s scenes in Chicago one too many times.

Kia to add 150 jobs to the Columbus plant.

Georgia Power wants you, the consumer, to figure out if solar power will work for you.

The Lottery will be getting a new President. Maybe someone should ask if President Obama is available; this job involves “Hope” and “change.”

Note to Judges: Asking criminal defendants to be your mistress is never a good idea. Especially when they have been caught with meth. Just saying.

This South Georgia motorcycle club will be honouring a tragic victim of lung illness this weekend. Let this serve as a reminder, also, for everyone to watch out for bikers on the road.

How about those Braves? Last night was electric. If you didn’t watch, shame on you.

And, because I can, here’s some music for you to listen to.


  1. xdog says:

    Thanks Ron. That dash of Otis really hit the spot.

    How many judges have been sent home in the past year? 5 or 6 anyway. To my way of thinking this story is as big as lobbying/legislative ethical excesses. It shows how effective an independent investigative body can be.

  2. “Georgia Power wants you, the consumer, to figure out if solar power will work for you.”

    Meanwhile, Stan Wise does not want you to use solar. In fact, he testified before Congress that Georgia does not get enough sun to make solar a viable option here. Perhaps Stan has been spending a little too much time in those dark back rooms with lobbyists and just needs to get outside more. If he actually paid attention, we not only get enough sun, but we’re actually one of the better places in the country to install solar.

    • saltycracker says:

      Solar has come a long way and can very beneficial in a lot of complementary applications, like hot water heaters & solar assisted heated big pools (back to gas when really cold). Georgia Power would not have lauched the info sites if they didn’t recognize the potential.

      For full residential they are not cheap, even when taxpayer subsidized, require maintenance and are aesthetically challenging. For commercial or power plant generation they need a lot of space. Some multi-billion dollar projects out west have hit the skids as environmentalists and animal rights activitists sue.

      The PSC should push the big power companies to pursue it, while for residential, I’ll stick to using their dividends for power.

      For the PUC

      • saltycracker says:

        p.s. in lieu of rebates & tax credits to users and capital investments in businesses I’d rather the Feds spent money on research for more efficient solar –

        • That’s fair. I’d like to see subsidies removed from all sorts of things – including fossil fuels. The government shouldn’t be in the business of picking winners and losers. If solar didn’t have to compete against other types of fuels that are subsidized, it would look even better than it already does. 🙂

      • Engineer says:

        Indeed, solar has a ways to go, but at the same time, great strides have been made in solar and it is much more efficient than it was a decade ago. Unfortunately, solar is still needs a fairly large investment of land. Personally, I’d prefer to see more nuclear power. More specifically Thorium Molten-Salt Reactors (much safer without the risk of meltdown), although our government doesn’t like them. Feel free to read up on it, China is currently building their own.

        • Engineer, funny enough I’ve been reading up on Thorium Molten Salt Reactors lately and I was initially impressed, but I’ve got a contact who knows a lot more about this stuff than I do and she sent me some info on the con side of that scenario. I’m not nearly as impressed with it after having read that stuff.

          As far as solar, it doesn’t take up extra land if you put it on rooftops. There is quite a bit of unused roof space that could be used for solar. Distributed generation also means less required investment in upgrading the transmission system to handle more capacity – such as the $7B Georgia Power has recently spent.

      • caroline says:

        They may not be cheap initially but my husband’s uncle who lives in Wyoming had them installed years and ago and said that they pay for themselves out there. He said that his winter heating bills went down from $1,000 o more per month or more to never going over $200 even in the worst weather. He also said they heat his hot water. Of course, you are still going to have to use gas or electric but your usage can be significantly reduced with solar power.

  3. saltycracker says:

    Hey, Donnan was just hired to read a script and it wasn’t like he was taking a salary, he was betting on a commission…………..never mind……..

  4. saltycracker says:

    Pressure washing: As long as our jails, run by folks trained to handle criminals, are used to hold the crazies, over-reaction will occur. Two overreactions should have been a wash on the poop deck…..

  5. peachstealth says:

    Just call combined university what you want. Eventually they’ll have to change the name. That’s how Alabama Polytechnic Institute became Auburn

    • Charlie says:

      Now if they could just figure out if they’re the Plainsmen, Tigers, War Eagles, or Married Cousins, they could become well adjusted citizens of society.

      Hey, anyone know that football starts back in a couple of weeks? #rivalry

      • peachstealth says:

        I know. Tech has the same problem. Are they Engineers, `Ramblin Wrecks or Yellow Jackets?
        Are you old enough to remember the game Chris Schenkel broadcast on ABC when he refused to call the SMU team the Mustangs because his sponsor was Chevrolet?

        • Jackster says:

          Yeah, we’re the Yellow jackets. The only people who have trouble with that are usually the butt of a joke.

          • Happy Face says:

            True. I’ve never understood why so many think it makes them look cool to profess their ignorance of a subject. While a quick Google search would give the answers, I’m pretty sure anyone living in the state for more than a couple of years already knows it and is just playing dumb. Meanwhile we wonder why our children think learning is so uncool. “I learned it from watching you dad… I learned it from watching you.”

  6. SallyForth says:

    Otis Redding! Now that’s good stuff, Ron. This year’s hot young guy from Leesburg, GA, Phil Phillips does a great job on “Hard to Handle” too.

    Yep, I watched Chipper’s 2-homer game last night. Electric is right! Got all choked up watching him take everything in, the crowd lovin’ them some CJ with all those hand-made signs, knowing he’s in the countdown on his final career games (damn those knees that are giving out on him). Let’s hope the Braves can keep this thing going, take him into the post-season and out on a great note.

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