It’s Friday: You Know What That Means

If only you had paid an extra penny...This picture for your Friday afternoon commute is by local artist and my Facebook friend Stephen Sweny.  He says it was used as a cover for Creative Loafing sometime back.

Check out his page and maybe even buy some art from him.  That way I probably won’t have to buy him the taco I promised for use of the pic.

Y’all have a safe commute home and a good weekend.  In the mean time, OPEN THREAD.


  1. Baker says:

    I thought this was gonna say: Bank Failure!

    South Valdosta Community Southern Trust Bank and Union was shuttered Friday by officials. Bank president Thomas Martin Stevens Jr. is reportedly fleeing across the Okefenokee in a canoe with an alligator skin suitcase stuffed with T-bills.

    • Happy Face says:

      Why have we hitched our party’s wagon to their horses? Fifty years ago this would have been the democrats’ problem to deal with.

    • caroline says:

      Well, it’s NOT all bad because they do want be able to compare their test results with other states but honestly if you don’t understand what scientific theory is then you have no business trying to legislate this kind of stuff.

      When I was growing up they could not teach Greek Mythology in the public schools because it might get us to questioning all religion though I happen to think questioning religion is what most teenagers do whether or not they hear Darwin’s Theory or Greek Mythology. The rest of the story is just downright cringe-worthy.

  2. saltycracker says:

    #3 – Yuengling + Pepperidge Farm Jingos (lime & sweet chili crackers)
    toes in the water, ass in the sand……..Mother ocean is happy tonight, cool & calm waves
    traffic is a 100 sanderlings & other shorebirds racing around

  3. I Miss the 90s says:

    How do youse guys like that traffic?

    (I spent an hour and fifteen minutes in a Town Car getting home from Midtown today. Thank you anti-tsplost people.

    Only in Atl does it take 90 mins to travel 27.3 miles.

    How do you people not see this as a problem? That is $2k that I could have made/saved.

    And NO! I will not buy a PeachPass to pay for the lack of a backbone on behalf of the GAGOP.

    • saltycracker says:

      1. Most drive alone (HOV lanes usually ok)
      2. Most drive at the same times (20% of the day gets 80% of the movement)
      3. Most live far away from their workplace (move one)
      4. Atlanta drivers like to wreck or cause wrecks & enforcement milks it

      One of the above will get ya.

      Solution for rush hours coping:
      Ride in a town car rather than driving it 🙂

      • wicker says:

        1. HOV lanes are not usually OK (as someone who regularly takes the kids to and from school I know this)
        2. This is because of business hours, and even the fact that most Atlanta companies offer flex-time (mine does and I take advantage of it) doesn’t help much.
        3. Because most can’t afford not to. Even your typical dual income professional married couple can’t afford a house or condo in the city, unless you are willing to settle for either A) a very tiny house that costs a ton of money or B) owning a house that costs four times as much as one a few miles away does and not having any money left over to put anything (including kids) in it.
        4. There are no more traffic accidents in Atlanta than any other large metro area, especially when you consider the large number of drivers, the large percentage of long distance commuters and our failure to find a way to funnel tractor trailers, vacationers and other pass-through drivers away from the local traffic.

    • wicker says:

      It isn’t that people don’t see it as a problem. It is that they prefer the problem to the solution. Or rather, the fact that the solution is unavoidable without doing something substantial to help Atlanta, even if it helps themselves in the process. They will spend 180 minutes trying to go 27 miles (and if you recall during the height of the post-Olympics boom before the double recession that caused us to lose a lot of companies and workers, traffic actually was that bad!) before doing anything that can be construed as good for the city. They’d rather keep waiting for someone to come along with some plan that helps the suburbs while ignoring (or preferably putting the screws to) the city, like Oxendine ‘s proposed Georgia 400 extension plan that would have “just happened” to destroy a heavily populated Atlanta neighborhood (and of course Oxendine would not have wanted to help relocate those displaced citizens to his Gwinnett County).

  4. saltycracker says:

    Fair points. Never lived downtown but owned a house in Buckhead that I visited weekly for years.
    I do know many that can talk for hours on the joys of Brookhaven and it’s good cost/value/time ratio.

    TSPLOST in the hands of bureaucrats and wrongly focused MARTA would have solved little of the issues of the typical commuter. Running the trains on out the interstate/400 direction and getting better surface road access to them plus rerouting the passers-bys would help but that isn’t in the plan. Throwing money at the bureaucrats is a waste unless something fundamentally changes.

    Meanwhile metros can go a long ways in clearing congestion by keeping a bunch of their fuel tax money and using it on secondary roads with well planned traffic flow patterns – one ways, synchronized lights……

  5. wicker says:


    Well, enough of refighting the last battle. My point is that no future solution is going to be reached so long as hostility to Atlanta is the #1 qualification that Republican, conservative and suburban (or rural) Georgia voters use when choosing politicians – and ballot initiatives – to vote for. So long as you aren’t dumb enough to spill the beans and come out and say it (like Mitch Skandalakis did in that notorious governor/lieutenant governor race that gave us Roy Barnes and Mark Taylor) instead of using code words that give you plausible deniability (“MARTA is mismanaged!”/”Hartsfield is mismanaged by all those affirmative action hires!”/”Atlanta’s leaders are unqualified”/”TSPLOST is another Obama style stimulus redistribution of wealth bailout scheme for the city!”) then you are good to go. No other qualifications – be it expertise, leadership, competence, courage, vision, personal or professional ethics – are required.

    They are getting the government that they deserve, which is precisely why the host of problems that affect this region (of which transportation is only one) will never get addressed.

    • saltycracker says:

      If you have even been a property owner in Atlanta and dealt with the agencies on a routine basis, hostility toward them is learned but you take it calmly and with a smile to keep it from escalating.

      The excellent qualifications you listed cannot be imposed on them. There is no better feeling than dealing with someone reflecting those ideals. Thus the idea of renovating the paid for home on an incredible piece of property as a permanent residence took a nano-second to reject.

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