About That Guy That Doesn’t Want Students Ticking Off Powerful People…

…well, he has a $190,000 compensation plan from the “non-profit” Red And Black.  Jim Walls of Atlanta Unfiltered reports:

Montevideo — publisher of the Red & Black, whose key editorial staffers walked out this week — collected nearly $190,000 in salary a year ago from the non-profit that runs the student paper, tax records show. About $16,000 of that was deferred compensation.

Red & Black Publishing Inc. spent $1,042,000 that year, so Montevideo’s salary alone made up 18 percent of the non-profit’s budget. Giving up one dollar in five to your top guy is uncommon, to say the least, in the non-profit world.

Montevideo earned 59 percent more than in the previous year, fiscal year 2010, when Red & Black Publishing paid him $119,082. He earned $124,497 in 2009.

Montevideo lost the senior staff of the newspaper by sending a memo saying he wanted more stories about how to join clubs, and less about catching people doing bad things.

He is, after all, trying to teach them valuable lessons regarding journalism.  If you tick off the wealthy  and powerful, or your advertisers, those at the top of the food chain don’t have as much money to spend.  How dare those pesky students run afoul of his maintaining his “non-profit” profits.


  1. Happy Face says:

    I’ve never been one to think that the head of a non-profit should take a vow of poverty. The money made by the heads of large charities like the Red Cross or United Way can seem outrageous but then you look at the size of the organizations they’re leading and what they could make in the private sector at a similar job, the salaries seems more than reasonable. Problem here is, who in the private sector makes $190,000 a year for being publisher of a non-specialist paper the size of The Red & Black? Maybe I should put publisher in quotes since in this case the “publisher” doesn’t even have his own skin in the game, which typically is what seperates big money from everybody else. It’s not like newpaper publishing is exactly a high profit business these days.

  2. seekingtounderstand says:

    The IRS offers a class on filing taxes as a non-profit. In that class the IRS instructor stated that they do not review any non-profit tax forms unless they make the headlines.
    If every American taxpayer took his class and saw what I saw, you would be demanding that non-profits no longer exsisted.

  3. Bill Dawers says:

    Things have gotten pretty ugly apparently at the “open house” called by The Red & Black paid staff . . . Check out the Red and Dead Twitter feed for a pick of Montevideo wrestling with a reporter apparently from Grady’s News Source. Apparently Ed Stamper, who allegedly penned the memo in question, has resigned from the board.


    Talk about how NOT to handle a crisis.

    • Happy Face says:

      Wouldn’t that be assult? Or as the new editorial guidelines would call it “an unexpected but pleasant massage”.

  4. PolarisKale says:

    Have you actually READ the memo draft, as posted by RedAndDead? I was astounded to see that they had the audacity to cite the “AJC” (a.k.a. – “Atlanta Urinal & Constipation”) as an example of standards to which they should aspire. These “Expectations” include eliminating “typos and other basic journalistic errors,” while stating they should beef up content from the audience, “ie comments, letters, comments, poll results…” Gee…isn’t repeating an example twice in the first 3 items of a list considered a “basic journalistic error?” And someone actually believes that “Content FROM (the) audience” is “automatically…of interest to our audience.” REALLY??? The rantings of every extremist on campus is “automatically…of interest” to the entire campus simply because said extremist gets a copy of it?
    While I know the author isn’t trying to be a journalist – since he clearly states he’s not sure what journalism is – I find it the epitome of irony that, under “We will strive to eliminate,” is “Inconsistency in design style” and the aforementioned “typos and other basic journalistic errors.” With all of the errors and inconsistencies, I had been wondering if the author had dictated the memo to a monkey or had been wearing a blindfold while typing.
    I will say they’ve mastered the art of irony by directing that the paper not include “(s)arcastic comments directed at (the) audience” or “content that is…needlessly antagonistic,” then lobbing a grenade of sarcasm and antagonism over the wall, needlessly attacking the body piercings of Black And Red staff members. The writings of the student body gave more hope for tomorrow than those of the faculty and directors.

  5. Bill Dawers says:

    For those who have been following this issue, things really came to a head today with the resignation of the board member who wrote the memo, with the reaffirmation of student control of editorial decisions, and with the top editors reapplying for their old jobs.

    The altercation between the publisher and a reporter will certainly have repercussions from here.

    There’s lots more at http://www.redanddead.com.

    The Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, which has no direct control over the paper or its board of directors, has issued this statement, now on its homepage:

    “The Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication joins students, alumni and the community of journalists in defending the rights of students to learn and practice journalism at The Red and Black. The college is gratified that the Board of Directors of The Red and Black newspaper has reconfirmed the editorial authority of student journalists at the paper and reasserted the role of the adviser as teacher, mentor and counselor. The college thinks it appropriate that board member Ed Stamper has tendered his resignation. The college deeply regrets the current crisis of leadership at the paper and its effects on students who have put their trust in The Red and Black as a place to learn the core skills of journalism, communication and credibility.”

    • Happy Face says:

      His statement of what happened and the video don’t come close to matching up. This after the control issue was suppose to be resolved. Looks like the problem starts at the top with the publisher. He needs to go. You can’t work with young people and act like this. You certainly shouldn’t siphon off such a huge salary with these deplorable people skills. How can the paper have any credibility with this hot head at the helm?

      With the video and eyewitness accounts, he should be looking at simple battery charges at the least.

      Somewhat related, it should be noted that the board member who resigned was not a state employee as Harry theorized in an earlier post.

      • Harry says:

        Who are the remaining board members? Anyway, I support the consensus here. The CEO of a small nonprofit should not be drawing 18% of the budget as compensation. It would be interesting for one of the redanddead student journalists to download the IRS audit manual for nonprofits, hook up with a tax accountant, and analyze if this 501-C(3) organization is bogus. It appears to be captive of Mr. Montevideo and de facto a profit-making enterprise.

      • Harry says:

        Looking it up, only one or two board members are state, i.e. Board of Regents, employees. Most of the are members of the Georgia honorary petty-Establishment such as Elliott Brack, Don Carter (Jimmy’s cousin), and so forth. These people are mostly retirement-age….in other words, just window dressing under the thumb of Harry Montevideo…in damage control.

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