Wright McLeod To Endorse Lee Anderson In GA12

Wright McLeod is calling supporters and party members today to inform them that he will endorse Lee Anderson in the GOP race for Georgia’s 12th Congressional district congressional nomination.  The winner of next Tuesday’s runoff between Anderson and Rick Allen will go on to face John Barrow in November.

McLeod was within 1% of Allen’s vote total on the July 31st primary ballot, finishing third out of four candidates.  The contest was marked with McLeod and Allen trading constant barbs, with Allen’s campaign filing ethics charges against McLeod.  There appears to be a sufficient reservior of bad blood remaining between the two camps to push McLeod over to Anderson’s side.

I’m told the official release will be available around 3:30 today.  We’ll post that here when it materializes.

Updated:  We’ve already received a statement from Rick Allen:

“Wright McLeod said during the primary that he would support the nominee. I believe him and look forward to working with him over the next three months to defeat John Barrow.”

UPDATED By Nathan:

From Wright McLeod:

On Tuesday, I am voting for Lee Anderson, and I urge you to do the same.

My campaign was a natural expression of my life-long dedication to Service Over Self. Lee subscribes to this same principle. He has always been a servant of his constituents. He has never run for elected office to enrich himself, and he understands that votes are won by trust, hard work and principled leadership.

This Tuesday’s run-off is important to voters in the 12th District. It’s important to Georgia. And it’s important to our Nation. With a man like Lee representing us in Washington, we can look forward to beating John Barrow and restoring American values.

Please vote for Lee Tuesday, August 21st.



  1. CobbGOPer says:

    I hope Anderson does win. If he wins and Martha wins, that will be two big fat losses for consultant Chip Lake this cycle.

    • Calypso says:

      I do hope Martha wins, but from what I’ve learned and seen, I wouldn’t wish Anderson on anybody.

      • CobbGOPer says:

        Meh, he’s still got to beat Barrow and that won’t be easy.

        But at least Chip would be done for the cycle, having no more congressional candidates he can fleece.

  2. IndyInjun says:

    Augusta is the red state Chicago. The proof is in the elected officials it sends forth. Once in a while one doesn’t wind up in prison. Barrow has been lucky. Maybe he will phone it in. Augusta is overdue for another scandal. Activists and reformers salivate over the delicious prospects this campaign has offered and promises. It really doesn’t get better than this.

    One candidate tied to the Augusta power structure with all manner of contracts being questioned. Another who makes Hank Johnson look brilliant and with votes that make Tea Partiers swoon, the middle class expire, and remind of how bad the state legislature really is. The third has Obama around his neck and votes in DC to shoot at.

    Matt Stout deserves credit with his signs, win or lose, even if the candidate will get the GOP laughed out of the capitol. Yes, he really is that bad.

    Sometimes a drunk has to hit rock bottom. The 12th is there.

    • Subnuke98 says:

      Indy, Augusta has plenty of scandal. The TEE Center, Parking-gate, Mayor Copenhaver’s constant urging of a baseball field for his buddy Cal Ripken that nobody wants, and now the Georgia Regents University debacle. Half of our Commissioners and our city administrator should be in prison.
      Your second paragraph is spot on.
      After redistricting and meeting all of our Republican candidates, I confidently thought “Yeah baby, gonna finally oust Barrow.” And then Richmond County showed its lack of engagement and intelligence and constant need for political punishment after the primary. It really makes me want to move from Richmond County over the river to Aiken.

  3. bullFrog says:

    Was looking forward to Anderson on the GPB debate tonight. Turns out he was represented by an empty podium

    End result: Anderson came in 3rd behind Allen and the empty podium.

    I guess he realized that any appearance would only take away from his … aura?

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