Morning Reads for August 16th

Goooood morning!  Happy Thursday, darlings!


Josh Romney was in town last night speaking on behalf of Papa Mitt.  The event was hosted by Congressmen Graves, Scott, and Woodall.


  •  Americans appear to be doing a better job managing finances.
  • Show us the P90X goods, Paul Ryan.
  • Am I the only one who considers this of transcontinental importance?  Delta boosts wine offering.
  • Rocket attacks on Eilat and on the other side of the country – Israeli minister warns of 30-day war with Iran.  It’s an odd transition from a heavy topic to a social topic, but you can see my pics from Israel here.  I’m a Christian who knows Israel has very strong backing by the only One who counts 😉
  • He wouldn’t – would he?  Obama Has Plenty of Time to Drop Biden

Of Interest


  1. Jackster says:

    Iphone5 – looking forward to a non at&t option. But they changed the charger port on it. That means you have to buy a new everything else!

    Also, apparently the Gwinnett Board of Education meeting tonight will be quite the train wreck. With a few of the board members up for re election, I hope some of their shennanigans create wedge issues in addition to the charter school amendment up for grabs.

  2. Tom Taylor says:

    Bridget, I am asking that you please correct the Redtail entry. A Congressional Gold Medal is NOT the same as a “Congressional” Medal of Honor. No disrespect intended to the recipient, but the are very, very different awards.

    I am glad to see one of our greatest generation, who was one of the few to be the first to break the race barrier in our military, receive the Congressional Gold Medal.


    A Congressional Gold Medal is an award bestowed by the United States Congress and is, along with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States. The decoration is awarded to an individual who performs an outstanding deed or act of service to the security, prosperity, and national interest of the United States. American citizenship is not a requirement.

    Which is different than:

    The Medal of Honor is the highest military decoration awarded by the United States government. It is bestowed by the President in the name of Congress, and is conferred only upon members of the United States Armed Forces who distinguish themselves through “conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his or her life above and beyond the call of duty while engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States.”[1] Due to the nature of its selection criteria, it is often awarded posthumously, with more than half of all awards since 1941 given to individuals who were deceased.[5] As the award citation includes the phrase “in the name of Congress”, it is sometimes erroneously called the “Congressional Medal of Honor”. The official title, however, is simply the “Medal of Honor”.

    Both are very important, but very different honors.

    Mr. Graham is a true American hero, like all of the “greatest generation”. But the distinction is important to note.

  3. saltycracker says:

    A lot of us rant on PP about cultural decay, ethical behavior, redefining institutions, cheating, self-serving, pushing boundaries and trust. Some aren’t happy on many different levels and some rationalize the changes.
    “Boomerang” Michael Lewis’ book on the worldwide financial crisis talked of cultural bankruptcy preceding financial bankruptcy.

    When Forbes writes an editorial on the problem, it is worth the read.
    “I truly believe America is going through a bad patch that future historians may well call “The Age of Cheats.””
    “Make no mistake, our Age of Cheats is a sign of rot. ”

    Sports, education, finance, politics, the Feds, the President, all are called to task.

  4. Simeon Barsabae says:

    So, I hear Bill Byrne debated a chair last night, started spouting it was an Agenda 21 chair, and still lost to it. Can anyone confirm?

      • Simeon Barsabae says:

        Ha. Not at this moment, but I am sure what ever the measurement was he wasn’t happy about it, because you know, he just seems angry about everything.

          • Simeon Barsabae says:

            It might be. Either way, Bill Byrne will be the relic politician that for some reason thinks the people of Cobb County actually want him back (considering the majority of Cobb voted for someone else during the 2002 Gov Primary).

  5. Noway says:

    Not to threadjack but I just heard on WSB radio that an owner of a local hamburger restaurant was murdered yesterday. Is this the same person who’s restaurant was profiled here on PP on few months back? It was OT’s Lounge and Soul Food Grill.

    • Charlie says:

      No, assuming you were talking about Ann’s Snack Bar and Miss Ann Price.

      Also, as a reminder to everyone, Morning read threads are always “open threads”. It’s the one place here you can’t threadjack.

    • Calypso says:

      Speaking of corruption in university sports, has anyone heard anything lately about the UNC academics problem where they invented 54 absolutely fictitious classes to put on the transcripts of their football and basketball players?

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