Dear Senator Heath: I liked you until I met you…

Campaigns often take unexpected twists and turns. Today’s episode of “I’ll bet they didn’t see that one coming” is brought to us by, and describes in excruciating detail how Senator Bill Heath’s supporter Bill Houston – the man who filed the challenge to Bill Caruth’s candidacy – is now supporting Carruth in the runoff.

The interesting part of this change of heart is Houston’s reasoning:  He spent time with the candidate during the hearing over the challenge, and decided he just really doesn’t care for the Senator.  Really doesn’t care for him.  As in “I hope to hell you lose this in a big way and never get into politics again” sort of doesn’t care for him.

What the heck did Heath do?  Apparently Houston found Heath just a wee bit full of himself.

I am so sick of your phone calls and the junk mail.   Carruth didn’t say what you claim, and He is not going to take our guns. I hope to hell you lose this in a big way and never get into politics again. This crap from places claiming to be the Georgia Tax Association is a bunch of s— and you should be put away for it.  You are typical of a so called Christian, lie and cheat to get your way yet you can pray over a hot dog.  This is why I believe in the Freedom from Religion group.  Religion and politics should not mix.”

Observers believe it is safe to say that Heath has probably lost Houston’s vote.


  1. xdog says:

    Pretty funny and heartfelt. I think we’ve all met people, not all of them candidates, who are too full of themselves for anyone’s good.

    “pray over a hot dog” is a funny line.

    • Calypso says:

      “pray over a hot dog” is a funny line.

      Yep, I wonder how I can work that into my next conversation with someone.

    • cheapseats says:

      That is funny! There should be a Hall of PeachPundit One-liners Fame and this one goes in on the first round.

      Oh, I think his point is oh so valid and oh so typical of the Holier-than-thou politicians I’ve met – from both parties. Spew hate and tell lies, rinse, repeat…let us pray.

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