Big News from the Archdiocese

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta is set to reap a massive financial “Wind”fall.

From The Georgia Bulletin:

The Archdiocese of Atlanta has received a substantial gift from the estate of Margaret Mitchell’s nephew, Joseph, including a 50 percent share of the trademark and literary rights to “Gone With the Wind.”

The estate of Joseph Mitchell included a multi-million dollar bequest to the archdiocese and the donation of his home on Habersham Road in Atlanta.

The Most Reverend Archbishop Gregory has already earmarked some substantial funds from the gift for major projects within the archdiocese, including:

$1.5 million to Catholic Charities Atlanta for its immediate use and an additional $2 million to create an endowment fund for the social services agency to address its long-term need for sustaining income.

The archbishop has also asked the Catholic Foundation of North Georgia to create an endowment fund for each parish, mission and Catholic school of the archdiocese with a $10,000 gift apiece from the Joseph Mitchell estate, totaling over $1 million.

I now feel no guilt about not participating in the Archbishop’s Appeal for 2010, 11 or 12.


      • Happy Face says:

        Do you believe what happened with the child molestation scandal is still going on? I’m not Catholic and was a bit stunned by how many of the Catholics I know tried to downplay what happened but they do have charities that do quite a bit of good in the world. If the church has learned a lesson and the structural problems that lead to the scandal in the first place have been addressed, what’s wrong with them trying to move forward and do good deeds? While it’s not comparable to child molestation, two of the churches I’ve been a member of have had huge financial scandals involving members of the pastor’s family using the church as their personal piggybank. Neither situation destroyed the church. We as a community came together, corrected to problem, and went forward.

        • Calypso says:

          “Do you believe what happened with the child molestation scandal is still going on?”

          As long as the known molesters are allowed to remain outside prison–yes.

          As long as new priests are inducted into the priesthood–yes.

          As long as new children are brought into the Catholic church–yes.

          As long as the Catholic church exists–yes.

        • Blake says:

          I have no idea, since I am not a high-placed insider of the Catholic hierarchy. However, I emphatically disagree that the church has learned a lesson or that the structural problems that led to the scandal in the first place have been addressed. The church is attempting to move forward without remotely having resolved the problem. A monsignor was recently criminally sentenced for exactly the same things Benedict XVI did during his “service” before becoming Pope. That is simply one representative example of how little they have moved on. So I don’t care how much good they may allegedly be doing in Atlanta or anywhere else, I will not greet the news that they have just been granted more millions in perpetuity with celebration.

  1. Ed says:

    A bit of a de-rail so all I will say is I’m not entirely sure all of the hierarchy realizes they need to do substantially more to be worthy of even someday being forgiven for their horrors. There are, however, many dioceses that are doing exceptional work in all areas and Atlanta is one of them.

  2. Ed says:

    Just FTR–not afraid or unwilling to discuss what’s being discussed but it is a thread derail and has the potential to easily go overboard… and my moderator hand is strong.

    Basically at least try to make an attempt to remain on topic is what I’m saying.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      No help? Old Man, you ought to come to the Cap. GRTL can’t get inside the door without the help of the Catholic Church. They’re such crazies that the only quality pro-life message you can get down there is the low-key, pro-life approach of the Diocese. Without the Catholics, Becker would still be plotting.

  3. Happy Face says:

    Will any of this general dislike of Catholics show up on election day or does Biden and Ryan cancel each other out?

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