Bi-Partisan Date Night–August 24

Peach Pundit and Blog for Democracy are co-organizing a Bi-Partisan Date Night for August 24 at Manuel’s Tavern–yes, *the* Manuel’s Tavern. The purpose of the event is to engage in general lightheartedness and good times with people of all political persuasions. And to blow off steam following the runoff.

Those of us who have the good sense to live ITP will convene at 6:00ish. The rest of you can come when your hellish commute allows you.We will likely be in the back bar.

NB: Now young Ms. Bridget is required to attend.
Addendum: This is not to be confused with the Peach Pundit Road Show happening the night before. That is merely a warmup for the Date Night.
Side note: If anyone has any doubts about it, I will happily and readily spend some of Friday convincing you that “Montrose” is one of the three greatest rock albums ever.


    • CobbGOPer says:

      You better not be the idiot who rides down the East-West Connector every morning during RUSH HOUR on his 35mph scooter, backing traffic up for miles. I seriously want to run that guy into a ditch every time I see him.

  1. Lea Thrace says:

    I am actually seriously considering coming to this.

    I’m a bit afraid that seeing some of my favorite bloggers in person may shatter the fantastical images that I have in my head. And then I will never be able to read PP seriously again.

    Plus, will there be other women there? Don’t want to be the only one…

    Hmm… Is it worth the risk?


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