Rick Allen for Congress in GA-12

The12th Congressional District of Georgia is routinely cursed with less than stellar candidates for Congress on the Republican side trying to take out John Barrow, the play it safe liberal who has cat like lives.

There is a runoff for the 12th District between Rick Allen and Lee Anderson. I’m going with Rick Allen.

Naturally, Lee Anderson would have you believe that Allen, a small businessman, is a corrupt liberal. Naturally, Rick Allen would have you believe the same about Anderson.

In reality, the issue is pretty simple. Anderson is a farmer, in the state legislature, refused in the state legislature to take a “no new taxes” pledge, and voted for the largest tax increase in Georgia history in a way that lacked any testicular fortitude — he pushed it off to voters and told them to either raise their taxes or he and the legislature would cut all their infrastructure spending. It was a catch 22 for voters and I cannot support him as a result.

And then there is the short, simple, painful truth about Lee Anderson — the man has seemingly never met two syllables without tripping over them. In a debate, John Barrow would eat the man up with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself:


  1. gcp says:

    The ultimate Comedy Central debate: Lee Anderson vs. Hank Johnson…They could debate the merits of Guam tipping over.

  2. IndyInjun says:

    Lee Anderson voted for the SB 31 rate increases for Georgia Power. Yeah it brought jobs to the area, but the advance profit component of that was $1.3 million per permanent job.

    Lee Anderson doesn’t read bills and he votes as he is told.

    Do not overestimate the voters in the 12th, because the CSRA region voted for TSPLOST. Lee Anderson has a leg up on them, calculating that they are totally gullible. That has been a safe bet thus far.

  3. Subnuke98 says:

    I DO live in the 12th and Anderson is an absolute MORON! I met all four candidates at a forum, and the one who impressed me the most was Wright McLeod. It’s a darn shame RINO Republicans crossed over to vote for a Dem Sheriff in Richmond County who was probably going to win anyway.

    As for TSPLOST, lets just say Augusta is loaded with moronic Democrats who are gluttons for punishment (voting to raise their own taxes). I live in the rural part of Richmond County and am sick of what the “Old City” does to the “County”. To any Bibb County residents on Peach Pundit, you have made a grave mistake merging with Macon. Bibb County residents, be prepared to be robbed and raped by Macon just like Augusta robs and rapes Richmond County.

    As for the Georgia Power rate hike. I work at the new Vogtle 3&4 project. The rate hike keeps interest rates lower and saves customers more money once the plant is online. The jobs number is incorrect, it uses the number 800 which is the permanent jobs once online. The REAL number is 4000 construction jobs which may as well be permanent since it takes 10 years to build the plant. It has generated HUGE revenues for Burke and Richmond Counties and the state of Georgia.
    As for an Anderson vs. Johnson debate. Oh my God! Who is making popcorn?

  4. IndyInjun says:

    SB 31 is good if you get one of the jobs, but 10 million Georgian’s suffer from the 9% (I have not figured the compound % increase)increase. Our income hasn’t gone up that much. I love Unit 3 and 4 but it was a bad deal for US.

    Putting that 11.5% return separately on 3&4 makes it impossible to control costs because there are $millions to be made by shifting costs for 3&4 to 1&2.

    Glad you have the job, but I know the cost issues, the background, and the HISTORY that most have forgotten about the 1&2 debacle. That is now being replayed.

    The irony about Burke voting for TSPLOST is that the data behind the propaganda was from 2009 and there indeed has been an explosion in sales tax revenues in 2010 and 2011. Why would Burke voters give away that largesse?

    • Calypso says:

      Alana Jawja. Sin City. The Great Satan. Soddom and Gommoroh rolled into one.

      That’s why I like it here!

  5. Subnuke98 says:

    Columbia and Richmond Counties would be ‘donor’ counties. So of course Burke and the smaller counties would vote for TSPLOST.
    Vogtle 1&2 became a debacle after the Feds decided to create the NRC and explode the regulatory regime that was fine under the AEC. As if the AEC or NRC could have prevented what happened at 3 Mile Island. It would have cost under $1 billion without Fed interference driving up compliance costs as well as anti-nuke and environmental groups constant legal barrage. You can thank groups like the Sierra Club and legislators like Harry Ried and Ed Markey for driving up costs on 3 and 4. Yes, the 11% rate hike is a bad deal NOW, but it beats a 20% rate hike later. I detested the fact that the State Legislature did it instead of the PSC, who wanted a lower and graduated rate hike.
    As for xdog, Clarke county is much smaller that Macon or Bibb Counties, and if you live in Athens and not in the rural part of Clarke County, you might not see the huge disparity in property tax millage rates. Or Athens just may not be screwing over Clarke County.

    • IndyInjun says:

      Yes, Richmond and Columbia are donor counties, but the bad data made the “benefit” to Burke seem a lot greater than it was. Also the revenue estimate was sort of ‘holey.’ The point I would make is that Burke would get a lot more tax with a straight 1% under county control than was understood.

      As to the 11.5%, I think you missed the point – which was if Southern takes the same aggressive accounting that it did with Units 1 and 2 – then it can shift all manner of costs and we end up getting a 20% increase anyhow on an apples to apples basis, but that will be hidden.

  6. jackson says:

    So, let me get this straight. Rick Allen first said that TSPLOST was done the right way, because the people could vote on it. But now, the man who ironically has made millions from taxpayers because of SPLOSTs, says its a terrible tax increase and folks should vote against Lee Anderson because he voted to allow citizens to choose to implement it, like EVERY OTHER SPLOST CAMPAIGN. That’s right. EVERY OTHER SPLOST is voted on by voters, not politicians in Atlanta.

    I feel like I am taking crazy pills listening to the hyporcisy of folks like this. I dont care where you stand, but to say voters shouldn’t have a right to vote on SPLOSTs is idiotic. Yeah, lets make sure Atlanta politicians are the only ones that should decide when and how we are taxed.

  7. IndyInjun says:

    TIA 2010 was 29 pages. Only 3 paragraphs spelled out the vote and they were modified by Brian Kemp. What is in the other 28 pages took away voting rights, expanded government, and exercised extortion with penalties.

    Name just ONE of the other Splosts that did those things, just one.Lunacy ran rampant in the legislature and now every one of them who voted for this outrage is running for cover, as well they should.

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