Martha Zoller: Let’s Get Her To Congress

Georgia’s 9th Congressional District runoff presents the two faces of the Republican Party and asks voters to choose.

On one hand is Doug Collins. Collins would fit right in with the Congressional Republicans who raised the debt ceiling on the promise of spending cuts and then weaseled out of the cuts. He’d fit right in with a GOP that gives lip to repealing Obamacare, but is actually too scared of picking a fight on defunding it.

Doug Collins was an inconsequential legislator in the Georgia General Assembly whose only question when asked by Republican Leaders to jump was “how high?” He supported the largest tax increase in Georgia history, the T-SPLOST, but, like Lee Anderson running in Georgia’s 12th Congressional District, lacked the testicular fortitude to actually vote for the tax increase himself. Instead, he sent it off to voters telling them the legislature would punish them if they didn’t vote to raise their own taxes.

This is the second time Collins did this. The first time was with trauma funding. Doug Collins is not afraid to be a big spender or a big taxer, but is too chicken to man up and take responsibility himself for the consequences of his policy choices.

Then there is Martha Zoller. Martha is supported by Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, various tea party groups, and me. She’s been a talk radio host in North Georgia who, like me, has been just as willing to take on Republicans as she has Democrats.

Doug Collins is beating the stew out of Martha, taking her words out of context, and distorting her record as a way to distract from his. I want you to support Martha Zoller because, unlike Doug Collins, we won’t ever have to worry about lobbying Martha to be with us once she gets to Congress.

The runoff election in Georgia is August 21st and Martha is seriously going to need our help. Make a donation as soon as you can.


  1. Bob Loblaw says:

    I’m no fan of his but this statement is absurd: “Doug Collins was an inconsequential legislator in the Georgia General Assembly whose only question when asked by Republican Leaders to jump was “how high?””

    The man fired the first shot at Speaker Richardson in publicly supporting Ralston’s challenge. How is that following Republican leaders like a sheep?

    I think you’ve been away too long, brother.

    • John Yossarian says:

      Bob Loblaw, Erick hasn’t been away too long. Erick supported Glenn Richardson in 2008, and still in November and December of 2009.

      It is funny that Erick misleads people by saying that Doug Collins is leadership’s and the Governor’s whipping boy. Erick doesn’t talk about how Doug stood up to Glenn Richardson in 2008 in Atlanta and in Iraq. Erick doesn’t talk about the 2008 GDOT vote. Erick doesn’t talk about how Collins supported Ralston in 2008. Erick doesn’t talk about how Richardson and leadership was not going to let Collins vote in 2008 from Iraq, and only did after the media found out about it.

      Inconsequential legislator, or some one who really does have testicular fortitude to stand up for the right thing? Quit drinking the Glenn Richardson kool-aide, Erick, and quit misleading people.

      • dwigg75 says:

        Isn’t Ralston just as bad as Richardson? Didn’t he and his family recently get a 17K European vacation paid for by lobbyist for the Tsplost? The Tsplost that Doug voted for 4x and later the Governor’s floor leader. Well at least the lobbying group was fined a whole $300!
        So now Ralston and the Governor formally/informally are doing Collins bidding in the new district (Ralston in Fanning County). So I guess they are paying back Collins. This sounds like the cronyism of Richardson all over again.

      • In Hoc says:

        What about the billions of dollars in tax hikes that Rep. Collins voted for?

        And if he had the testicular fortitude to stand up for the right thing, then he would stand up for Christian values by apologizing for his baseless attacks and misquotes. If he considers his actions to be congruent with “9th District Values,” then I’m glad I don’t share the same values with him.

        • DoubleDawg3 says:

          Are y’all people really that naive (or dumb) to believe that if Martha Zoller had been in Congress or the GA Legislature she would NOT have voted for the Republican budgets (i.e. budgets offered by Republican Executive branch, or Republican legislative leadership)? You’re delusional if you think that she would have voted any differently than Doug Collins and for her to pretend that she would have is a disservice to the voters of the North Georgia mountains. This lady is NOT like the late Bobby Franklin (in the GA House) or Ron Paul (in Congress) – those two gentlemen looked crazy at times in their votes, but they actually had the gumption to go against the leadership on quiet a few issues…if Doug’s going to be in the pocket of leadership, you can bet Martha will be too. That’s just reality.

          • In Hoc says:

            That absolutely isn’t reality. Collins is a dishonest person who will lie about a vote even when the truth is clear as day in front of him. Martha Zoller isn’t some typical career politician who would do what the leadership tells her. If you had ever listened to her show, it becomes abundantly clear that her purpose is to truly serve the people of northeast Georgia. Collins has been my representative for the past 6 years, and he has done nothing except raise my taxes. That is a clear difference.

  2. Napoleon says:

    I would also add Collins came on here to echo Ed Lindsay and Erick’s own call to contact Perdue on signing the charter school bill:

    Add to that Doug’s stand against Richardson which sent him to Siberia for a couple of years, and his service in Iraq while running for re-election and studying for the Georgia Bar exam, Doug Collins is exactly the type of person we need in Congress.

  3. jackson says:

    I’d be careful about saying anyone that was part of the gulf war lacks “testicular fortitude.” It’s insulting, not matter what side you are on.

    • In Hoc says:

      He wasn’t a part of the gulf war. He went to Iraq in 2008. And it isn’t like he served as an infantry officer or a marine who experienced direct fire.

      • GeorgiaRepublican says:

        Michael Fowler you should be ashamed. In my opinion you’ve already lost your right to call yourself a conservative by working for a lying liberal like Martha. How can you call yourself an American and write a statement about a man who left his family to serve YOUR country overseas. You will never be half the man Doug Collins is. Only someone with ZERO “testicular fortitude” would make a statement like that. I’m sure your fraternity brothers would be proud of the way you represent them.

        • dwigg75 says:

          Doug Collins is a hero in my opinion as all our fighting men/women are. I am thankful for him and his service. My family is better because of people like him who sacrifice. But Martha is not a liberal. Wow! She has civilly fought for conservatives and are values as well. Come on please be reasonable and stop picking apart 1 half sentence etc. You missed the forest for the trees.

        • debbie0040 says:

          Georgia Republican, which Collins staffer are you? Collins opposed caps on lobbyist gifts the past two Legislative sessions. Under Georgia law, lobbyists are allowed to buy a house or a new car for legislators as long as they disclose it. Martha would have supported the ethics legislation to end that had seh been in the House.

          Service to country does not mean that someone would make a good Congressman. Just look at all the liberal Democrats that have served their country as well.

          Martha has tea party backing along with the backing of other conservative leaders and conservative groups.

          Collins and his staff are the ones lying..

      • girlwithpearls says:

        In Hoc – I mean M. Fowler, a Zoller intern – how dare you insult a man who risked his life and left his family to go overseas in order to defend our country and protect your freedoms as an American. Did you know he missed Thanksgiving, Christmas and his son’s birthday to protect YOU? Regardless of what side you’re supporting, this is disrespectful to every man or woman that has ever served our GREAT nation in the military. You should be embarrassed and personally apologize immediately.

        • girl with a gun says:

          Chaplins don’t fight.
          Yes, he did a great service by going but it was in a different role than you discribe.

          • girlwithpearls says:

            irrelevant. He was still in harms way. There is no reason to discredit his job title because he wasn’t supposed to receive “direct fire”.

            What he did over there took a different kind of skill. Holding the hand of a dying soldier who is only a couple of years older than your daughter takes a different kind of skill. He was there to listen to someone’s son or daughter spill the fears that they could never tell their own families. Words like, “i’m scared” or “I don’t want to die” is direct fire to the heart to anyone. He is a hero.

          • Napoleon says:

            Explain that to the Chaplains who have earned the CMH and other combat metals.

            Also, I had friends who went over there as civilians who came home in body bags, one who went over there to help set up new colleges and universities.

            To say, “Oh, Collins wasn’t on the front line so he was in no danger.” is a bunch of crap. He might not have been on patrols in extremely hostile areas, but there was no one, unless they stayed in a bomb proof bunker in the Green Zone, who didn’t risk their lives by being over there.

  4. Salmo says:

    Here’s hoping that your over the top support of Martha Zoller turns out exactly like your over the top support of Karen Handel did.

    • dwigg75 says:

      Well Georgia needs a change. The good ole boy network in power has not worked out. We are still double taxed (sales, income, etc) unlike our neighboring states. If we care about fiscal values we should reconsider supporting the Tsplost, I mean Collins. Or if we applaud the smearing of other conservatives on Social issues, then the establishment will continue to win.

      • Salmo says:

        Not at all. The fact that they’re both female is merely a coincidence. The common factor here was Erick going all-out endorsing the wrong candidate in a primary.

        I proudly voted for Melvin Everson for Labor Commissioner. I was ready to vote for Herman Cain for President. I think Jan Jones would make a great Speaker of the House when Ralston is done (if she hasn’t moved on to bigger things by then). I wish the party would throw some more weight behind Garry Guan and mount a serious challenge to Curt Thompson, one of the most worthless members of the legislature.

        The GOP absolutely needs more non-white and non-male faces at the front of the pack. The party also shouldn’t put up inferior candidates just for the sake of diversity, so I can’t support someone like Martha in this race. I’ve spent a decent amount of time around both Zoller and Collins in the past few months, and while Martha has always been nice to me (not always the case with my wife before she was a candidate, fwiw), I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s kind of an idiot. I can’t in good conscience vote for an idiot.

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