Governor Deal Announces New Automotive Supplier Via Facebook

Charlie spotted this announcement on Governor Nathan Deal’s Facebook page:

Gov. Deal today announced that automotive industry supplier voestalpine Metal Forming will build a manufacturing facility in Bartow County creating 220 jobs for Georgians. The company, investing $62 million in this new facility, will be its first in the Southeast. “Voestalpine’s decision to locate here continues us on our path of making Georgia the No.1 place in the nation to do business,” said Deal. “I am glad to welcome this company to Georgia’s growing community of auto industry suppliers and look forward to a great partnership.”

Congrats to the folks in Bartow County and a warm welcome to the folks of Voestalpine Metal Forming.  Hopefully the Georgia General Assembly will work towards meaningful tax reform next year, and perhaps we’ll see an increase in announcements of businesses moving into and expanding in our great state.


  1. wicker says:

    Oh for crying out loud. Georgia is one of the lowest taxed states in the nation. And the states with lower rates i.e. South Dakota, North Dakota, New Hamsphire, Wyoming, Montana for the most part we aren’t losing a single job to or going to draw a single job from. There’s more that can be done to attract and grow jobs than cut taxes. And keep in mind that the economic booms for Georgia in the 80s and 90s happened with Democrats running the governor’s office and legislature who weren’t obsessed with finding every tax they could cut.

    • Nathan says:

      Tell that to the small business owner who moved from Walker County just a few miles up the road to Chattanooga, TN because he wants to put the 6.5% that he was paying in Georgia income tax back into his business.

      • wicker says:

        Yes and balance that against the many big and small employers that we attract and grow that Tennessee doesn’t because
        A) our K-12 is better
        B) our universities are better
        C) our transportation and other infrastructure is better
        Because of the lack of a state income tax, Tennessee’s economy ought to be roaring – or at least better than the economies of Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina – but it isn’t. Instead, it is the worst of the three. Take away the Grand Ole Opry and Oak Ridge National Laboratory and what is Tennessee’s economy? Exactly.

        • Calypso says:

          DollyWood. DollyWood and moonshine. DollyWood, moonshine, and orange and white checkerboard T-shirts.

        • Nathan says:

          Well, I’ll point you to the unemployment stats here:

          Georgia has a 9.0% unemployment rate vs. Tennessee with 8.1% (The Carolinas are tied with 9.4%). The income tax may not be the sole reason, but it is a hindrance. In fact, I know a number of recent college graduates from Covenant College in Dade County getting hired on with companies in Tennessee and deciding to live in St. Elmo (a neighborhood in Chattanooga). They don’t even consider living in Georgia because they would have to pay the state income tax.

          “Take away the Grand Ole Opry and Oak Ridge National Laboratory and what is Tennesee’s economy?” Well, you have Volkswagen and its suppliers in Chattanooga, Wacker Chemical in Cleveland, TN, Chattem Pharmaceuticals (they make Gold Bond, Bull Frog, IcyHot, Act Mouthwash…a few other brands you may use), Chattem Chemical, BASF, Coca-Cola Bottling Group, PepsiCo has a bottling and distribution facility, Unum Group (I work for them…and we’re #1 in some areas of insurance and #2, behind AFLAC, in others), Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, Cigna, TVA, various other medium to small businesses in the area, and not to mention that Chattanooga does have up to 1 Gigabit speeds on its EPB fiber optic ring (which actually does go into extreme Northwest Georgia), so you could potentially see some data warehouses and other data facilities be built in the Chattanooga area. I’ve only covered Chattanooga, need I go on?

    • Calypso says:

      Don’t forget about all the tax free electrical juice the legislature decided to give to large businesses, oh and all the small local 2,000 square foot Waffle Houses around the state. Waffle House…Don Balfour…Georgia Power. Talk about a menage a trois and the only ones getting screwed are us taxpayers.

  2. Jawgadude says:

    The timing of this announcement is very suspect. Bartow County’s longtime sole commisisoner is retiring and 2 Republicans are in a tight race to replace him in next Tuesday’s runoff election. The sitting commissioner is backing Steve Taylor, a member of the Joint Devolpment Authority, and it seems this announcement just days before the election was timed to give him a bosst.

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