Morning Reads For Tuesday, August 14th

  • George Will puts Obama’s first term into perspective, (WaPo)
  • and a discussion of Romney’s “Carried Interest” after playing tax detective, (Rolling Stone)
  •  The history of SCOTUS and military service (TheAtlantic)
  • Rule 68 offers ending class actions should have employees nervous (
  • climate change happening? what are the chances?, (Econospeak)
  • a single watchdog found LIBOR by tracking finances (NYTimes-DealBook)
  • Nuns to Rome: you want to talk we’ve got an open door,  (Reuters)
  • and in India, preserving what came before, (WaPo)
  • Ai Wei Wei declares himself a Twitter resident, (ForeignPolicy)
  • on the gap between rich and poor these guys are hesitant, (HooverInstitution)
  • thoughts on future deficits are entirely by party ID, (TheMonkeyCage)
  • and five economic lessons from American history, (Hillsdale)

and more locally,

  • Georgia’s a good state to get hit crossing the street (AthensBannerHerald)
  • Braves welcome the Fathers and they get beat (TalkingChop)
  • Improper Beltline spending and now the questions ensue (AJC)
  • A lovely piece on the future of Auburn Avenue (CNN)
  • Isakson wants to pass bill to make Olympic medals tax-free (SavannahMorningNews)
  • yes, I know they already are, but that won’t stop anybody (Salon)


    • jbgotcha says:

      Ah…more kabuki theater from the propaganda machine. All of the hype and analysis underscores the reality that we have no choices anymore. The irony is that one “silly and small” person is calling another the same thing. It’s sad.

  1. saltycracker says:

    Isakson exempting gold medals from taxation is an example of the thousands of bills passed for a noble exception/interpretation to a tax law. Tweaking laws makes legislators feel accomplished. Time to get the tax code into a pamphlet.

  2. analogkid says:

    Nice to see a link to Talking Chop. If you’re a Braves fan and like bloggin’ (you know you do), I recommend checking it out.

  3. I just wanted to say thank you for separating out the Georgia stuff this time. I know the national stuff is important, and perhaps it’s just being picky, but I really like the way that Jason had originally separated the news for quick reads.

    When I stop by PP first thing in the morning, it’s usually because I’ve got 5 minutes here or there and just want to see what’s going on around the state without having to spend 30 to 45 minutes reading unless something looks particularly interesting. 🙂

  4. saltycracker says:

    The Johnnie Cochran, Jr national law firm is spending some big bucks on TV advertising. Must yield some excellent results. Says their web site.

    “Social Security disability lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia backed by the strength of the nationally acclaimed Cochran Firm”

    “Our disability lawyers are here to help you get the benefits you deserve!”

    It appears that even when social security disability is exploding those Feds are still too stingy with our mone as this industry is booming too. Wonder if SS reform involves the disability insurance portion ?

  5. Baker says:

    I’d also like a brief comment on the Beltline: How do people who work in government not understand that any profligate spending will be used by those who want to shut you down as clear evidence of the need to do so? This is just handing Tea Party types fuel for the anti-Atlanta anti-Beltline, formely anti-TSPLOST, fire. If you work in government and really believe in what you are doing, you should want to be able to proudly say where all your money is going, not trying to cover it up. (I guess I’m Captain Obvious-ing it here but dang it)

    I really believe in the Beltline and hope that the staff over there gets this message.

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