Political Schedule For Those Who Stalk Me

So, I’m going to this tomorrow night. Which is nice.  I haven’t seen Tennessee in a while.

Wednesday night I’ll be speaking to the (not yet the City of) East Cobb Republicans, a group of GOP members from House Districts 43, 44, 45, and 46.  It will be held at Tijuana Joe’s at the corner of Johnson’s Ferry and Lower Roswell Rd, beginning at 6:30.  My topic will likely be chosen at random as I begin to talk.

There was a brief rumor of an attempt to have a Peach Pundit Road Show to watch The Campaign Thursday evening but that seems to have died due to lack of initiative from the Peach Pundit Committee on Arrangements and Public Drinking.  There is still strong rumors that a Road Show will be held August 23rd or 24th.  It will not involve a movie.

Finally, there are no plans to bring back the edit feature for your comments.  You people like to pretend you’re perfect and we enjoy seeing that you’re not.


  1. Let not your heart be troubled. Peach Pundit Committee on Arrangements and Public Drinking will have an announcement soon, or whenever the Chairman decides to do something.

    • Joseph says:

      Would anyone consider a PPRS in Tampa? Or if the PP-IP Police would be after me, we could call it a “Meet Up of PeachPundit Commiserators (who wish the return of Edit) while in Tampa” Maybe that would not upset the powers-that-be as not to hijack the Roadshow name.

      Anyways – meetup, Tampa, Bueller?

  2. SallyForth says:

    Charlie, I guess you know keyboards all over Georgia are wet with tears right now about the death of P/P edit. He was so young to die at the hand of hostage takers.

    • Charlie says:

      The very first Road Show – ney, the very first public appearance of Icarus Pundit – was in Savannah.

      Sadly, we can’t do it there anymore because the Ogeechee River has polluted the whole damn place.

  3. oompaloompa says:

    You speak the truth. 🙁
    Paved paradise and put up a finishing plant (political correct name for tannery). In the name of stimulus.

      • Calypso says:

        The cool kids refer to it as their ‘posse’. But you have to know, being a member of your entourage does not make one a stalker (except for maybe the little guy wearing the shades and the Members Only jacket. I’d keep my eye on him if I were you.)

  4. Jackster says:

    I’d be willing to organize drinking up here in gwinnett… Free drinks if someone shows me a freshly punched gwinnett transit ticket.

  5. Calypso says:

    I don’t know which person leads the more bizarre life-someone who stalks Charlie-or Charlie, for believing that someone would care to stalk him.

    • KD_fiscal conservative says:

      “I don’t know which person leads the more bizarre life-someone who stalks Charlie-or Charlie, for believing that someone would care to stalk him.”

      I don’t know “Calypso”…I think you of all people know the answer to that. 😉

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    • Oops. I meant to say, at least the text doesn’t flow off to the side of the screen.


  7. seekingtounderstand says:

    Charlie: Its time for your own tv show on Georgia Politics. Your fans would love to see this and Georgia needs your voice. Whats that mean guy on that talent show that tells contestants how awful they sing and makes them cry. You could do that to elected officals on your tv show.
    Start with Balfour and then my county commissioner!

    • Dave Bearse says:

      Here, here! I gave up on the Georgia Gang about a year after Bill Shipp was no longer on the show. Charlie would certainly be an asset to that show, and I’ve every confidance he could develop a superior competition.

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