Apparently Atlanta Is For Checks; Not For Cameras

Rick Allen and Lee Anderson can’t seem to agree on debates.  Anderson has not seemed to find time that he could debate Rick Allen for the GA-12 GOP runoff, with the winner going on to face John Barrow.  Anderson, to be charitable, is not at his best in a debate format.

Allen has been challenging Anderson to debates, and the only publicly scheduled debate is currently scheduled this week by the Atlanta Press Club and Georgia Public Broadcasting.  Anderson has responded that Atlanta events may not fit their schedule.  To be fair, it is a similar answer heard by others campaigning outside metro-Atlanta during runoffs, as the tight runoff schedule makes an opportunity cost decision of spending a day in the car to drive to Atlanta and back for a debate.

Anderson, however, seems to have time to come to Atlanta to host fundraisers and pick up checks, something not lost on the Allen campaign who just distributed Anderson’s last invite via press release.  For the suggested contribution of $250, you were able to meet Lee Anderson at the Commerce Club last Thursday, which is a more comfortable forum than the debate circuit.  It may have been worth it to get to ask about the Federal Reserve one more time, because it’s highly doubtful you’ll see that again on GPTV.


  1. Bob Loblaw says:

    If I’m advising a candidate in a primary runoff in Augusta on whether to go outside of the district, to Atlanta of all places, at the invite of a press club, to debate, I’m telling him no. Debate inside the district. Debate before the district’s press and their readers, who vote.

    Atlanta’s arrogance. Can’t the press club go to the district and hold the event? There’s plenty of TV stations out there, folks. They got electricity, running water and I hear they’ve even got HDTV.

    • CobbGOPer says:

      So yeah, those press club debates televised by GPTV are broadcast to the entire state over the GPTV network. So Augusta and the district can watch if they would like. They don’t just broadcast the debates to Atlanta. Any debate televised by a local Augusta outfit would likely not cover the entire district and thus leave some people out.

  2. Spacey G says:

    Charles Loudermilk recently made a generous gift to the Atlanta Press Club to support and encourage Georgia political debates. However, I don’t think his generosity extended to funding a need to bribe and cajole, as if recalcitant toddlers, those who seek public office to extend a basic courtesy (to the citizens of Georgia) of agreeing to appear in public for the purpose of questioning motives, intentions and goals of a potential public (there’s that p-word again) servant.

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