BE ADVISED: Mitt Romney To Announce VP Choice In Norfolk

The presumptive Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, will supposedly announce his choice for running mate today at 8:45a on the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, VA.

You have a few more hours to work the speculation for the Republican Veep spot out of your system. Go for it.


  1. Great choice. It’s been confirmed by the AP.

    Paul Ryan is a great choice. It says that Romney is playing for a win that *means* something.

    It’s a choice based on attitude, not latitude. 😉 Romney could have chosen a lay up shot VP candidate based on winning a single state, but with Ryan he’s playing for the whole board.

  2. Happy Face says:

    Paul Ryan is just a decoy and y’all fell for it. Romney wants to one up McCain and is going with the ultimate dark horse candidate for VP: Sonny Perdue.

    Yes, I’ve been drinking.

    No, I’m not serious (or am I?)

  3. Harry says:

    What a fantastic pick. This campaign is getting an additional shot of adrenalin and smartness. I need an RR bumper sticker asap!

    • Happy Face says:

      Or you could go with the old school song, the three Rs but in this case it’s “Republicans Romney and Ryan”.

  4. Happy Face says:

    Before I go to bed, I’ve got to ask why annouce on a Saturday? The weekend typically is when you announce bad news because no one is paying attention. Am I missing something?

  5. Daddy Got A Gun says:

    For the official record, my grandfather helped build the USS Wisconsin. Probably the last good thing to come out of Philadelphia, besides me of course.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        4. This feels like ’96 all over again. The link to Kemp just reeks of irony.

        The guy that likes to fire people matched with the guy who’ll take away old folks’ Medicare. That’ll sell.

        Full disclosure: I believe in Paul Ryan and think he’s awesome. I just can’t believe a thing that comes out of the mouth of his running mate.

        • David C says:

          Good luck with that. Only two former VP nominees have ever come back to win the Presidential nomination. FDR was the losing Democratic nominee in 1920, and came back to win in 1932: 12 years later, with his bout with polio and 4 years as Governor of New York in between. As to the Republican side, the only one is Bob Dole, and that was 20 years later, after he had risen to Senate Leader and served in that post for 12 years. The road is littered with those who tried four years later only to be pushed aside (Muskie, Dole ’80, Lieberman, Edwards…).

          In 4 years (assuming Romney loses) it’ll be a crowded GOP field, as all those folks elected to Governorships or Senate seats in 2010 (and those bigger names who didn’t go this time) look to win an open seat. If the ticket loses, Ryan may lose his House seat as well (he’s not in that deep red a district and won’t be on the ground campaigning there). And Ryan would be tagged more than any other VP Nominee in recent memory with his ticket’s failure. If Romney/Ryan goes down to defeat, plenty of Republicans will be waiting to blame both of them, and there’s plenty of other tea party rising stars (like, for example, Rubio) who won’t be tagged with the stench of failure for losing the most winnable election in a generation. If Ryan loses this, he’s done. It’s a big gamble for Romney, but a big one for him as well.

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