Morning Reads 8/10/2012

Got some money that’s burning a hole in your pocket? Go buy things that can’t be taxed.

Georgia makes another list . . . . apparently we are “toxic.”

UGA study indicates something I’ve known all along: cats are murderous creatures.

It’s not safe to be a pedestrian in Georgia.

Georgia lost one of it’s own in Afghanistan earlier this week. A painful reminder that our soldiers are still engaged in various parts of the world.

The Search for Aubrey Lee Price Continues: Ferry Owner says he didn’t jump off the boat.

The protest against Georgia Regents University continues as well. And here I thought that name was a joke!

Meanwhile, Metro Atlanta’s growth has slowed down considerably.

Maybe we should consider being tougher on crime? I’d think this situation warrants a tougher sentence.

There’s flooding in Tifton. Could this sinkhole be the cause?

Oh, and meet the best Doorman in Atlanta. But, please note they do not serve the best fried chicken in the State there.

Here’s your Friday travelling music. You’re welcome.


    • wicker says:

      How does it differ from all the other books and columns from ex-Republicans that are printed in the mainstream and left-leaning alternative media all the time? They left the GOP because it became more conservative on certain issues. No big revelation there. Let’s see some columns that discuss the equal number of people that have left the Democratic Party for the Republican Party over the years, and do so without depicting such people as racists and misogynists.

      • Calypso says:

        There’s new one out by playwright David Mamet that deals with that topic, though the title escapes me. My wife just picked it up at the library and I’ll read it when she’s finished.

          • saltycracker says:

            Library ?

            The Secret Knowledge: Saw a review on Amazon/Kindle that had a couple profound observations:

            Chap. 1: “We cannot live without trade. A society can neither advance nor improve without excess of disposable income. This excess can only be amassed through the production of goods and services necessary or attractive to the mass. A financial system which allows this leads to inequality; one that does not leads to mass starvation.”

            Chap 5: “No, the luckless product of our Liberal Universities, skill-less, will not touch that item his culture named taboo: work. So we see the proliferation, in the Liberal Communities, of counselors, advisors, life coaches, consultants, feng shui ‘experts,’ as the undereducated chickens come home to roost.”


      • caroline says:

        There have been those but they aren’t recent. This is just the most recent thing. It’s really not about him leaving the GOP so much as the reason he left and it also shows why the GOP is held in such low esteem outside of the south.

  1. SourGwinnett says:

    I think that pedestrians are just getting more bold in their demand of “right of way.” I tell people, “You may have the right away, but you’ll only be telling St. Peter that fact if you’re careless.” I’ve seen too many people that just step out into traffic expecting it to stop for them.

    • Happy Face says:

      Of course eventually the driver of the car will end up in front of St. Peter trying to explain why they accidentally killed one of the Lord’s creation because they were paying more attention to the mp3 player than to the road. Might not be for another sixty years but that day will come too.

      In a confrontation between a car and a human, the car almost always wins. And we as a society seem ok with that. But that doesn’t mean that man’s law is going to be looked upon favorably by the big guy upstairs.

  2. wicker says:

    And please note the whole “metro Atlanta growth has slowed considerably” article. And no, the growth didn’t stop during the great recession. The slowdown started a lot earlier, as early as the bust. The great recession just accelerated it.

    • Charlie says:

      You also had Delta enter a huge death spiral after 9/11. That changed the south side of metro Atlanta forever well before the great recession and well before Delta ultimately filed for BK.

      • David C says:

        Yeah, the 01-02 recession was the canary in the coal mine for the GA Economy–for the first time since they tracked state level unemployment in the 70s, Georgia lost jobs. Even through stagflation in the 70s and national double digit unemployment in the early 80s, GA never lost jobs, they just gained them slower than the work force expanded. But in 01-02, GA lost jobs for the first time, and then from 07-09, lost them by the truckload. Going forward, Georgia needs to figure out where it’s taking its economy in the 21st century–the old ways just don’t work the way they used to.

        • caroline says:

          You diagnosed the problem–the old ways don’t work anymore. No one seems to offering anything new–just more of the same old same old.

  3. saltycracker says:

    Pedestrian’s are granted more rights by enforcement and signage and they take advantage of it….when was the last time a parade leaving a store parted to allow a car to go on ? And when they take that attitude out on the busy road….add in the night time dark dress code……
    Cyclists are in the same self-entitlement mode particularly on county & state roads.
    As traffic inceases along suburban roadways, sidewalks are not part of the planning either except at new development. This is evident around many of the schools and apartment complexes.

    It plays into the perfect storm of increasing conflicts with skin and steel. The bright side is it creates jobs for doctors, lawyers, judges and advertising sales.

  4. SallyForth says:

    Ron, really? The Blues Brothers “Going Back to Miami”??! A little Allman Brothers blues from Eat A Peach might be more appropriate.

  5. Napoleon says:

    There were two soldiers lost this week with Georgia connections. In addition to Major Walter Gray from Conyers, Major Thomas Kennedy’s brother and sister-in-law live in Cumming and his widow is from John’s Creek.

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